Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail in Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant?

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Many entrepreneurs, at some point in their journey, have struggled, or still struggling to hire the right virtual assistant. 

Here is what you shouldn’t do when hiring the virtual assistants.


Right Virtual Assistant


#1. Not Establishing the Goals of the Virtual Assistant

While you may think that you have published enough for potential remote assistants to reach out to you, an average description might not convey the right messages. As a result, it leaves the candidates perplexed and leads to inaction because of the obscurity.

You should detail and emphasize every aspect of work as there are various specializations in every domain and for every role.

For instance, if we consider writing professionals, there is content writing, copywriting, academic writing, and technical writing; and every one of these is completely different from the other. Also, the same applies to every domain.


#2. Not Spending Enough Time on the Job Applications

The interview starts with the resume and cover letter.

A lot of entrepreneurs approach resumes frivolously. Although you cannot understand every skill of a potential remote assistant just from the job applications, not scouring the resumes leads to terrible repercussions.

Job applications allow you to filter out the unsuitable candidates and shortlist only the remarkable applicants saving time. However, there is a sound chance that you might be shortlisting fake profiles, but that’s the problem for further rounds.

In addition, resumes also give you the track record, career progression, and measurable achievements of the candidates, allowing you to form a conjecture of their potential and skill.

Trying to hire a virtual assistant without spending enough time on job applications is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


#3. Not Asking the Right Questions before Hiring

Questions like what is your domain, what are the projects you have work on, and how long have you been working in the industry are typical. These are definitely important questions, but not enough to hire virtual assistants.

For starters, you should ask how long a remote assistant has worked in your industry, for it directly implies how well they understand your audience, work culture, and motives.

And ensure the honesty and integrity of the virtual assistants; the last thing you want them to do is bailout after the deadline is over.

The right virtual assistant to hire is also the person dead set on upgrading his skills.


#4. Not Testing the Skills of Virtual Assistants

A lot of candidates, by resume, are expert rocket scientists, while in reality, they are just fiddling with rocket make-believes.

The competition of virtual assistants to land a project has gone through the roof; meaning, both expert and amateur remote assistants are fighting head-to-head in virtual assistant services platforms. And it is hard to differentiate one from another just with previous projects.

The only way to analyze their skill is to give the applicants a demo project to complete. Based on the quality of the work, you can determine if the virtual assistants are exactly what they claim to be.

Furthermore, you will also get to know about their reliability, communication skills, planning and scheduling, and if they take responsibility for their actions.


#5. No Budget Flexibility for Hiring Right Virtual Assistants

Quality virtual assistants are often pricey. While it is good leadership to try and reduce the expenses, it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality.

At the same time, you don’t have to accept every request of the potential remote assistants. Managing finances is also one of the crucial aspects that determines the success of a business, so try to negotiate. Convey your concerns, talk about your budgetary constraints, and try to close the deal with a promise of raising the pay if the quality is good.

And do raise the remuneration if the quality of the work is exceptional so that the trust is mutual.


#6. Relying on One Platform to Hire Right Virtual Assistant

The competition to hire virtual assistants is extremely high. If you post your requirement in one platform and wait for candidates to find you, the chances of finding remarkable assistants are slim.

Instead of asking for the remote assistants to find your company, reach out to the potential candidates. There are many virtual assistant service providers, companies, and platforms for you to look into and hand-pick according to your preferences.

The platforms also help entrepreneurs to hire a right virtual assistant with previous employer ratings, repeat hire rate and reviews.


Wrapping Up

Hiring virtual assistants is three times cheaper than hiring a traditional employee. Not just because you are paying according to work availability and projects, a traditional employee’s average productive hours is 2 hours and 53 minutes. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, are paid only to the number of hours they work.

If you are struggling to find the right outsourcing partner, Vgrow Solutions is one of the leading back-office solution providers. So, get in touch with our executives and enable your extended business hand.


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