Top 8 CRM Customization Challenges and Implementation

Top 8 Challenges of CRM Customization and Implementation

Top 8 Challenges of CRM Customization and Implementation

We are living in a fast-paced digital era where a new business is surfacing every other day. CRM customization will help you achieve your organizational objectives by designing small and efficient modules and working on the layout effortlessly. Each organization differs in processes, and customization is the only solution to enhance productivity. Any CRM initiative without a goal will eventually collapse. When it comes to CRM, it’s essential to understand the benefits, challenges, and solutions before beginning your process.

CRM Customization, the Need of the Hour: Why Do You Need Customization?

A good CRM system gives your clients and prospects the freedom to do business with you the way they want. There are several CRM customization services available on the market. However, the one you choose must offer to help you enhance your sales and reach new heights in 2021. We will take a closer look at why your business needs CRM customization in the next section.

Precise Analytics

Tailored CRM provides accurate analytics department-wise that helps you analyze performance efficiently. You can continue with your current strategies if you are doing well; however, if there are deviations and your business goals are not met, you can make changes in plans effectively.

Manage Workflow

Automating and managing workflows such as follow-up calls, reminder emails, and assignments can be automated in the CRM. This ultimately enhances the conversion rate and improves revenue.


Cost Reduction

You might need to bear some expenses for CRM customization and implementation, but it is worth every penny in the long run. CRM customization not only involves creating custom fields and systems but removing those that are not necessary as well. Most importantly, CRM consulting services will automate your workflow and speed up the processes, saving you time and money.


Users will find it easier to learn since a custom CRM will be designed exclusively to suit your business systems. With such a solution, you will need just a few hours of training to enhance productivity.

8 Challenges of CRM Customization and Implementation

After you have honed in on the reasons why you need a CRM, the next step is to narrow down the possible challenges and ways to overcome them. This is why we will look into the top 8 most commonly occurring challenges in CRM Customization and solutions to overcome them effectively.

1. Management Approval for CRM Customization

Top-level management might be unaware of the benefits of CRM implementation and customization. Hence, getting approval from management can be a big challenge. The sales team might be assertive with the idea of moving their company to the cloud, but executive managers might be more comfortable with the traditional approach.

Solution: Instilling a digital culture will reduce resistance in the workforce. The management can be persuaded by presenting the benefits of CRM and the tangible value it will add to the company.

2. Implementing CRM

There is no specific application that solves all integration problems. Large-scale implementation requires CRM customization and configurations. However, it takes time, technical knowledge, and huge bandwidth to move data to the cloud. Your employees would need time to get familiarized with the new CRM system. This will require an extensive investment of your time and finances for coaching, technology, and maintenance.

Solution: You can easily outsource CRM consulting services to Vgrow and use that time to run your business efficiently. In addition, Vgrow’s skilled employees would assist and ease your transition to CRM.


3. Trusting Technology

Before putting complete faith in the cloud, you should be aware of the infrastructure and scalability as your company grows. In addition, the software should be fully equipped with everything that your business needs.

Solution: Understanding the basics of CRM before adapting it is very crucial and will help you identify unforeseen circumstances.

4. Difficulty in Predicting Long-Term Changes

Irregular market forces in the world make it difficult to predict long-term technological changes. On the other hand, CRM systems are implemented and driven by technology. Hence, long-term strategy and goals must align with new trends in technology for operating with the CRM.

Solution: Companies that view CRM as an initiative and as a long-term strategy, not as software to install and maintain Word and PowerPoint can make the most out of their CRM.

5. New Programs And Software

A big challenge a company might face is to give up on popular software after transitioning to CRM. This could create a potential disruption in the performance of their employees. In addition, it will take time and training to be well-versed in the new software and programs offered by the CRM company.

Solution: Nowadays, CRM customization has popular programs and software accessible. Thus, by integrating your software into the CRM platform as a plug-in to the main CRM service, you can continue working on any software of your preference. In addition, Vgrow provides in-depth CRM consulting services to help new companies with their CRM.

6. Data Security Associated

A business has data about its customers, accounts, taxation, and marketing and sales research, making it crucial for future operations. Perhaps, it is the most valuable asset of any company, so data security is important.

Solution: Choosing the right CRM service that will make data importing easy and intuitive to facilitate a smooth transition. With secured data, your team will be able to use it to its full potential. Small and medium business enterprises are transitioning to CRM because of its efficiency, and Vgrow helps in CRM customization to scale your business to the next level.


7. Proper training for employees

Many employees may resist CRM and would like to adhere to the traditional approach of functioning. The mindset shift regarding CRM and innovation can become challenging. Some employees might stress their privacy while others may worry about their job security.

Solution: One of the main reasons employees struggle to accept cloud migration is because of the company’s undefined and unclear strategy. Managers must lead and inculcate a culture of learning and digital innovation.

8. Defining Clear Objectives

CRM systems should be closely linked with business objectives and goals. This includes both short-term and long-term strategies that should be taken into account and aligned with the scope of a CRM.

Solution: CRM customization is a long-term strategy and planning on the following points will help a business grow with CRM.

  • Have defined metrics in place to measure success.
  • Prioritize outcomes proportionate to the impact.
  • Define the most important outcomes of your business.

Thus, these were the 8 challenges of CRM customization and effective solutions to overcome them. The next step is to choose the right CRM solutions for your business that perform above and beyond basic CRM tasks.

How to Choose the Right CRM Customization Services?

There are a number of CRM customization services available. As you begin your CRM investigation, the factors will assist you in making decisions. The one you choose must offer the following features to help you enhance your sales.

1. CRM Data Migration Services

Your service provider should offer CRM data migration that involves transferring your existing data to an improved and new system. When you outsource CRM consulting services, the service provider should migrate data without hampering your workflow. In addition, they should ensure data integrity, reduce storage costs, boost efficiency, and cause zero data loss during the process.

2. CRM Implementation and Customization

Your CRM customization services provider should implement the customized software as per your business needs. Once you outsource, your provider must understand your organization, customers, and design systems to present the data in an easily digestible manner. While customization involves creating modules and fields related to your business, CRM implementation involves integrating other systems with the new CRM to make it completely efficient and functional.

3. CRM Customization and Configuration

Configuration services are increasingly becoming important. It involves setting up and integrating your business units, users, teams, security roles, field security, and auditing. Find customization, configuration, and implementation services with a single provider and have all the reasons to believe they are trustworthy. You can go ahead and partner with them for CRM consulting services.

Wrapping Up

CRM helps simplify business processes and maximize output. Choosing the right CRM for your company is a critical and time-consuming task. Vgrow Solutions will cater to your specific needs in place of the current digital landscape. We provide CRM data migration and consulting services to clients all around the world. You’ll want to make sure you select the finest CRM software for your business since the appropriate CRM software will be critical to your company’s success. At Vgrow Solution, we will ensure that with our CRM consulting services and work collaboratively to improve your business efficiency.


David Bodiford

David Bodiford has been the Chief Strategy Officer at Vserve Ecommerce. Specializing in business development and strategic planning, David leads initiatives to expand Vserve Ecommerce's market reach, focusing mainly on the B2B sector. His expertise in digital marketing and strategic partnerships is integral to enhancing the agency's ecommerce solutions.


David Bodiford

David Bodiford has been the Chief Strategy Officer at Vserve Ecommerce. Specializing in business development and strategic planning, David leads initiatives to expand Vserve Ecommerce's market reach, focusing mainly on the B2B sector. His expertise in digital marketing and strategic partnerships is integral to enhancing the agency's ecommerce solutions.