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Real Estate Virtual Assistant ServicesIncrease your Productivity with our Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Are you a busy real estate owner struggling to find time for all the administrative work that requires you to be at your computer? I’m sure many can relate to you. But, what if someone can help you manage all that? That’s where we come in! All you need to do is, hire a real estate virtual assistant from Vgrow Solutions. We can manage your real estate listings, scrape property data, marketing, scheduling appointments, compiling documents, showing properties, managing paperwork, etc. Now you can focus on high priority tasks and grow your business and let us take care of the rest.

Our real estate virtual assistants are versatile, willing to learn, and savvy. Also, they understand the real estate business, andare ready to jump in where needed and help you get things done more efficiently. In the long run, investing in virtual assistants for real estate businesses can go a long way. They can perform different tasks at a very inexpensive labour cost. Subsequently, our real estate virtual assistant can recommend new and effective strategies and follow the systematic workflow for your business.

Our real estate virtual assistant services include-

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Advantages of hiring real estate virtual assistants from Vgrow Solutions-

Vgrow virtual real estate assistants are well versed in general administrative tasks and can check many of your daily to-dos off your list. Moreover, they can sort through your tasks and make sure that you only see the queries that need your personal attention.

  • Keep track of your buyers and sellers

Our virtual real estate assistants make sure you stay in touch with your buys and sellers by sending follow-up emails and scheduling screen calls to your clients. Also, they can also answer basic customer queries when necessary. Furthermore, we request feedback and encourage long-term relationship building with clients to help your business grow.

  • Get detailed information on projects

While performing multiple roles, you may not have enough time so sit in front of your computer and research properties and collect data. That’s where our virtual real estate assistants can help you out. They can gather all the information you request without missing a detail.

  • Save time and money

Get a virtual assistant for real estate at a much lower price than hiring a full-time assistant.  Therefore, this saves not only money but also time. Also, our virtual real estate assistant can get all information required within a few hours or days, depending on the complexity of your requirements. In addition, our VAs ensure that the quality of their work is never compromised even during immediate requirements.

  • Professional approach

Our virtual real estate assistants have been in this business for a few years and are experts in their domain. Thus, they are competent at multitasking and can provide ideas and solutions to boost your client sales. Being a business owner, you can use these skills for better business outcomes or productivity.

  • Easy Monitoring

You can monitor the performance of our virtual real estate assistant on the management portal and also schedule tasks to our VAs. Thereby, you will have complete control and insights on the number of hours and tasks done by your real estate virtual assistant.

  • High-security and confidentiality protocol

Maintaining security and confidentiality is one of our top priorities at Vgrow. Therefore, we take serious measures to protect your company information from unintentional, unauthorized, and unlawful disclosure. Subsequently, we adhere to ISO 27000 standards and conduct regular legal compliance checks to protect our customer data.


Our real estate virtual assistants are available anytime over phone, email or text. They can maintain your schedule, handle leases, maintenance requests, screen potential tenants, handle taxes etc. Subsequently, our virtual real estate assistants perform tasks from a remote location and thus, you do not have to bear infrastructure and maintenance costs. Just their monthly subscription charges and you are good to go! Now if you are wondering how to hire a real estate virtual assistant, click here for a free consultation!


Better team management!

Hiring virtual assistants is a smart way to cover monotonous but important work. With the help of VAs, my small team can focus on core business functions and bring in more revenue streams. Many thanks to team Vgrow!

Managing Director
A tourism and travel agency from Miami,FL

Higher productivity, 29% improvement in positive reviews!

Mine is a small business with a small team. Honestly, we lacked experienced executives who could manage customer concerns. We hired team Vgrow for call answering and help desk support, and have seen a dramatic difference in our business performance.
Hiring John and his team was one of the most favorable decisions I made. I’d highly recommend using Vgrow solutions to hire expert virtual assistants.

Debbie . T
Founder and CEO
Small Business focuses on auditing and financial consulting from Atlanta,GA

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What are real estate virtual assistant services?
A real estate virtual assistant manages your property listings, including uploading your listings to other real estate platforms. They can also help you manage and review photos for your property listings and research current real estate trends.
Is it necessary to invest in real estate virtual assistant services?
There are multiple advantages in investing in real estate virtual assistant services; a few include-

  • Improve work quality by getting fresh ideas
  • Supplementary staff at your disposal
  • Cost-effective solutions as you save on infrastructure
  • Pay for the services you require
  • Boot overall productivity
  • Free up time to focus on tasks that need your attention
Is my client information safe when I outsource real estate virtual assistant services?
We understand that you may have many concerns while outsourcing services to countries. But we never compromise on securing customer data. We take serious measures to protect your company information from unintentional, unauthorized, and unlawful disclosure. Subsequently, we adhere to ISO 27000 standards and conduct regular legal compliance checks to protect our customer data. So stay assured that your business data is in good hands.
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