Hire a Virtual Assistant For Desktop Publishing

it is essential to establish an impressive image of your company.

VA for desktop publishing

Hire A Virtual Assistant For Desktop Publishing

Hire a Virtual Assistant For Desktop Publishing

In the modern competitive business era, it is essential to establish an impressive image of your company. Most often, the newsletters, brochures, etc. that you share with your business stakeholders, vendors, and consumers, speak a lot about your business image. To make certain that you create a positive business image, you should perform tasks associated with desktop publishing or DTP successfully.

You can either select to execute the task in-house or outsource the whole task to an offshore agency. However, executing the business task in-house can prove to be an expensive and time-consuming affair. A great alternative is to recruit a virtual assistant from Vgrow Solutions who can handle all your assignments related to DTP. By hiring an assistant, you will save a considerable amount of money and time efficiently.

The virtual assistant that you employ from Vgrow Solutions would perform your DTP-related tasks from a remote destination, just like a full-time assistant in your workspace would. Our remote virtual assistant would assist you in designing marketing collaterals and publishing content by following your established standards and requirements.

Vgrow Solutions’ Virtual Assistant Can Perform Following Tasks

  • Create cover designs
  • Develop graphics
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) image editing
  • Build brochures and additional advertising collaterals
  • Make layouts for newspapers and books
  • Desktop Publishing typesetting

The virtual assistants that you hire from us have rich experience in performing DTP related tasks. They have firsthand experience in delivering trustable DTP services for marketing collaterals such as catalogs, pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, business newsletters, annual reports, magazines, books, forms, calendars, and packaging material. Moreover, our virtual remote assistants are proficient and experiences in software related to desktop publishing (DTP), including Adobe Indesign and Adobe PageMaker.

Advantages of Hiring Vgrow Solutions’ Virtual Remote Assistant

  • Our virtual assistants are qualified and have sufficient experience in performing DTP-related tasks
  • You can assign graphic design and DTP-related and tasks to our virtual assistants and concentrate on working on other tasks related to your business development
  • The virtual remote assistant that you appoint would use standard applications including Quark and Macromedia
  • We keep an eye on the performance of our virtual assistants on a regular basis
  • Getting all your desktop publishing tasks done by our remote virtual assistants can help you save time and lower expenses considerably

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