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Presenting your ideas or reports to your business colleagues, consumers, and stakeholders is a critical task. Thereby, it must be performed carefully and efficiently.

Consequently, presentations and spreadsheets cannot be created on the fly. They require time and effort to be able to communicate your ideas effectively.

In such scenarios, if you wish for an assistant to help you out, then hire a virtual presentation and spreadsheet creation assistant from Vgrow solutions. Our virtual assistant for presentations and spreadsheet creation service comprises VA’s with extensive expertise in making impressive presentations and spreadsheets.

A massive workload, dearth of resources and lack of expertise might marr your ability to create effective communication tools. Delegating the job to a virtual presentation and spreadsheet creation assistant will take care of this vital task for you.

Your VA will create your presentation in no time, depending on the information and requirements you provide. Once created, the assistant will mail you the presentation to ensure you are right on schedule for your meeting.

Our virtual assistant for presentations and spreadsheet creation service includes-

  • Research for important content over the internet
  • Incorporating content in the presentations and spreadsheets
  • Creating visually appealing, crisp, and engaging presentations
  • Developing pivot tables in MS Excel
  • Make charts and graphs that deliver the appropriate information
  • Compose comprehensive and detailed reports
Presentations Amp Spreadsheet Creation

Advantages of using spreadsheet creation and management services from Vgrow solutions-

Access to truthful or factually presentations

Our spreadsheets are made by professionals who ensure accuracy and precision. Therefore, stay on top of your game with every presentation made with different types of charts, formats, and graphs. Explain procedures with models representing various hierarchies with presentations made by our virtual assistant for presentations and spreadsheet creation services.

Business presentations prepared in a quick turnaround time

Hire a virtual presentation and spreadsheet creation assistant and get your business presentations on time even if it’s on short notice. Also, our VAs ensure that the quality of the presentations and spreadsheets are never compromised even during immediate requirements.

Save on both costs and time

Get virtual assistant spreadsheet creation services at a price that is much cheaper than hiring a full-time assistant. This saves not only money but also time, therefore you can focus on things that are of higher priority.

Customized business presentations according to your standards

We customize your data according to your needs to accommodate the information and purpose of your file. The charts and graphs designed by our spreadsheet creation and management services ensure you get deeper insights and clear understanding of the content.

Guaranteed genuine assistance

A committed virtual presentation and spreadsheet creation assistant will be assigned for your business needs. They can build spreadsheets that are used with its mail merge function to create form letters for prospects and clients. Thereby, ensuring you stay in touch and keep track of your clients.

Easy Monitoring

You can monitor the performance of our virtual assistant spreadsheet creation services on the  management portal and also schedule tasks to our VAs. Therefore, you will have complete control and insights on the number of hours and tasks done by your VA

Advantage of time zones

Hire a virtual presentation and spreadsheet creation assistant and take advantage of the time zone differences. Convert your business to function 24×7 with our spreadsheet creation and management services. Assign your VA the tasks at night, the reports will be delivered by morning, right in time for your meeting.

With our virtual assistant spreadsheet creation services, all your business presentations & spreadsheets creation requirements will be handled by our VAs. Thereby, you can focus your time on your business development as we take care of your daily routine tasks.

To hire a virtual presentation and spreadsheet creation assistant, click below for a free trial.

To know more details about virtual assistant for presentations and spreadsheet creation services, mail us at [email protected]


Higher productivity, 29% improvement in positive reviews!

Mine is a small business with a small team. Honestly, we lacked experienced executives who could manage customer concerns. We hired team Vgrow for call answering and help desk support, and have seen a dramatic difference in our business performance.
Hiring John and his team was one of the most favorable decisions I made. I’d highly recommend using Vgrow solutions to hire expert virtual assistants.

Debbie . T
Founder and CEO
Small Business focuses on auditing and financial consulting from Atlanta,GA

Better team management!

Hiring virtual assistants is a smart way to cover monotonous but important work. With the help of VAs, my small team can focus on core business functions and bring in more revenue streams. Many thanks to team Vgrow!

Managing Director
A tourism and travel agency from Miami,FL

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Why do I need Presentation and Spreadsheet Creation services?
One needs requisite expertise in creating impactful MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Excel spreadsheets on short notice. That’s where presentations and spreadsheet creation services come in! These services also manage and update data so that you can keep track and access them at any point in time.
What are the advantages of having Presentation and Spreadsheet Creation services?
Presentations and spreadsheet creation services have many advantages, a few are-

  • You can easily manage your data
  • Reduce of errors and misplacements
  • You get quick and easy access to all kinds of data
  • Scalable solutions
  • Expert support to design effective presentations
Is my data safe when I subscribe to Presentation and Spreadsheet Creation services?
We understand that you may have many concerns while outsourcing services to countries. But we never compromise on securing customer data. We take serious measures to protect your company information from unintentional, unauthorized, and unlawful disclosure. Subsequently, we adhere to ISO 27000 standards and conduct regular legal compliance checks to protect our customer data. So stay assured that your business data is in good hands.
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Hey everyone! I’m Varsha, Your virtual assistant from Vgrow solutions! I’m here to lend you a helping hand to manage your business related tasks. Wondering how? Then here’s an example of how we helped one of our clients by providing Spreadsheet Creation and Presentation services.

A real estate firm located in New Jersey, US was maintaining its client information in different files and formats,

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