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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

As a full-service email marketing agency, we understand every aspect of e-mail marketing, especially e-mail marketing for small businesses. If you intend to hire an Email marketing service provider or you are contemplating the possibility of email marketing outsourcing, look no further.

Our timely delivery is our promise and we offer desirable results through any or all of the following services:

  • Customized Templates, Design, Content, and Coding: Every aspect of your e-mail must be unique and express your message of the brand, promotion and/or marketing communication in the most impactful way. Our team of professionals can materialize the content, template, and design it into such a message and good quality coding ensures a seamless online delivery of it.

  • Email campaign setup and deployment: Marketing is all about the right mix between alluring attraction and subtle persistence. We can organize your emails into a cohesive marketing campaign and implement it to maximize your ROI, our forte being, drip campaigns.

  • E-mail Strategy: This not only includes your content and campaign calendar but also the tactful introduction of your lead magnets in every e-mail. Only the most complete Email Marketing Services Company can provide such a strategy, but we can do it better.

  • E-mail automation: Perhaps, you have already witnessed may automated e-mails in your inbox and you have hated most of them for being impersonal and annoying. Well, we can make your email automation sequential, systematic, personalized and engaging when you send them out to your marketing leads.

  • Custom integrations and Programming: Professional Email Marketing Services can only justify themselves if they provide you a support system. We know this and offer you complete backend support, including e-mail software, routine list maintenance and reporting of email marketing.

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If you need to develop a sustainable Email Marketing strategy for your online business, contact us to speak with a Vgrow representative today! We’re here to help you with all aspects of Email Marketing Services.

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