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Wishing for an extra pair of hands at work? That’s where our virtual assistants come in! They make your business get productive and help run it smoothly. Are you wondering how to make the best use of your virtual assistant services? Here are some pointers for you to implement and avoid while using virtual assistant services.


Stay in touch with your virtual assistants at all times. Communicating through emails is the best way to track your instructions and particulars than over a voice call where information generally tends to get lost or misunderstood.


Virtual assistants are pretty amazing but they are definitely not mind readers! Sometimes, you might think your communication is perfectly clear but it might not be the same for your virtual assistant. Therefore it’s your job to make sure that you are specific in what exactly you want them to do instead of assuming that they might already know.


Virtual assistants sometimes go above and beyond their call of duty to help you meet deadlines. Make sure you show up at all the scheduled meetings and not cancel them at the last minute. It would be a waste of your time and money if there is no productivity when virtual assistant services are not utilized properly.


Keep track of the virtual assistant’s progress and tasks managed by them; have processes that they can follow so that the transition can happen easily. Set boundaries and expectations for them and make sure you follow up on it. Also, have a touchpoint for accountability purposes.


Make sure you set attainable targets and delegate their responsibilities and communicate what is expected from them. Ensure your virtual assistant knows the changes in schedules and stays up to date with the ongoing status of the tasks assigned to them.


Trust your virtual assistant to accomplish the task assigned to them, in the best way they see fit. Micromanaging your assistants will not help you clear your plate or finish the assignment sooner. Instead, delegating responsibility will give you the required results. Maintain an open channel of communication with your assistant so that they can reach out to you for clarifications.


Working with someone who’s not physically present can be unsettling and could require some getting used to. We suggest you think of your virtual assistants as your remote working employees. Ensure that they feel like a part of your team, which will drive them to achieve targets on time.


Make sure your entire team, as well as your virtual assistants, know your goals. It’s not just important to give them details of each task but also let them know where each piece of work will fit in the bigger picture. Virtual assistants not only have the capability to speed up the work flow but they can also accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.

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