15 Real Estate VA Tasks that Can Help Build Your Business

15 Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks that Can Help Build Your Business Performance

Real Estate VA Tasks

The real estate industry is no doubt one of the most brutal sectors of business. Only the toughest of the tough survive in this jungle. It costs effort, time, and money.

From following up on leads, meeting clients, marketing to closings, it requires a broad set of skills that are very diverse to be successful in this field. Therefore, as a realtor, you need to make sure you spend your time wisely.

In an industry where you are always on the move, it’s not easy to manage your time when multiple things are taken care of. Hiring a virtual assistant for real estate businesses will ease up all those repetitive tasks you perform daily. It gives you more time and space to make sure you invest yourself in more productive roles!

Now the next question in your mind would be, do I need a virtual assistant for real estate businesses? What’s the point? 

Just think about it. Every day you spend hours together setting up meetings, making calls, doing paperwork, or updating your client list. What if someone else could handle all this for you? Imagine what all you could do with that time when you are free from those repetitive tasks.

Reasons Why Real Estate Business need Virtual Assisitant

Yup, virtual assistants aren’t exactly superheroes, but they make sure your business gets the necessary edge to take it to its full potential! Here are a few reasons why real estate virtual assistants are a need for modern businesses.

– Get your tasks done efficiently

While operating a business, we have to ensure that the 24 hours are utilized in the most efficient way possible. When you find yourself amidst a pile of paperwork and administrative tasks, you must consider a real estate virtual assistant. They can do your paperwork, files, emails, and follow-ups, which will give you ample time to focus on high-priority tasks.

– Cut costs and save more

According to a few studies, hiring real estate virtual assistants can reduce labor costs by 80%! That’s because you’ll be saving money by avoiding paying payroll taxes, social security taxes, unemployment taxes, and regulatory fees involved with hiring in-house administrative assistants. They work remotely and are already customized according to your needs.

– 24/7 operations

When you hire an offshore real estate virtual assistant, for example, from India, you can take advantage of the time zone difference! Have them work on tasks such as scheduling and paperwork while you sleep, basically turning your business into a 24/7 operation! 

– Stay up to date with the latest trends

The real estate business is continuously changing according to trends. You would need someone to manage your social media accounts, create e-newsletters, update your listings to the database, and keep your website ads up-to-date to stay in touch with your clients. Real estate virtual assistants are equipped with specialized skills to ensure you are ahead of the current trends.

– Quality above quantity

Real estate professionals are strong relationship builders. It takes time to earn trust and build connections with sellers and buyers. So, to maintain these relationships, certain specialized skills are needed. For example, presentations for an important client, relevant content for real estate websites, well-organized detailed spreadsheets for financial projections, and updating the CRM program to ensure your leads can convert into loyal customers. Real estate virtual assistants are highly trained and certified with various skills in their domains. 

– Fresh perspectives

Real estate virtual assistants are an extension of your work team. They are always on the lookout for real estate marketing trends, organizing and researching listings to ensure that your real estate website gets on the top. Therefore, they bring new ideas and perspectives to your daily work, which will widen your business reach.

15 Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks  

You can sit back, relax, and let your workflow run efficiently by hiring real estate virtual assistant services. Here are 15 real estate virtual assistant daily and weekly tasks that you can delegate.

1. Streamlining Administrative Tasks 

Administrative work holds up most of the space in any business enterprise. It is the administrative work that helps in keeping your business organized. So, the root of your organization lies in how well your administration is working. Your VA can help you manage and organize agreements, assist you with drawing up contracts and source documents. With the help of a real estate virtual assistant, you will streamline routine tasks and get everything organized. 

2. Email Management

Checking your inbox and writing emails takes time. You can assign this task to your virtual assistant to clear your inbox and inform you about important updates. VAs have a good English language proficiency, enabling them to write accurate emails on your behalf. They will also engage in email marketing to generate new leads.

3. Calendar Management

Organizing your current and upcoming tasks will make your week productive. Ask your virtual assistant to do the needful and plan your tasks accordingly. They will handle your calendar to schedule business as well as personal tasks for you. 

4. Appointment Setting

An appointment setting is an essential task that can be easily delegated to your VA. This way, you can easily be prepared for client meetings, events, and other activities. Let your virtual assistant schedule and manage appointments efficiently.

5. Filing and Documentation

Documentation is a tough job because it requires time and accuracy. Documents in the real estate industry must be managed properly because it involves financial statements, contracts, and agreements. A real estate VA can help with filing paperwork and documents for you and help you save time.

6. Marketing and Promotion

Looking at the current market dynamics, marketing has become of prime importance. Your real estate VA can manage your promotional activities and increase your presence in the market. From social media marketing to handling public relations, your VA can help you with marketing your business. 

7. Website Management

Websites are imperative for establishing the online presence of your business. You can consider your website as the online address of your business. Your VA will help you run it smoothly, manage the site, and update it regularly. Furthermore, if there are any broken links or bugs, your VA will inform you immediately to address them. 

8. Basic Bookkeeping

Keeping track of income and expenses is valuable in running a business. Otherwise, it will be difficult to evaluate your current financial performance, preventing the business from growing. You may prefer to do your accounting yourself, but basic bookkeeping can be given to your VA. With a VA’s help, you can have instant access to all the important details regarding your financial status.

9. Accounting

To help you with managing your cash flow statements, creating spreadsheets, managing disbursement schedules and income projections, a VA can come in handy. Your real estate VA can help you with organizing numbers in a spreadsheet and adhere to deadlines while doing so. 

10. Prospecting

Prospecting is broadening your sales possibilities and looking for new clients, whether buyers or vendors. This is a time-consuming process, and if you employ a virtual assistant, all you have to worry about is meeting clients and closing deals while they search for potential clients.

11. Data Entry

Managing a database with all your client’s names, addresses, contact information, and other information is important. With a virtual assistant on hand, you can easily outsource this cumbersome but crucial work and have everything ready and structured in a spreadsheet.

12. Outbound Calls

Outbound calls are essential for gaining leads. Your real estate VA can turn into your salesperson by making outbound calls to potential clients. They will also follow up on calls to keep track of the sales history. 

13. Proofreading

Ensure that all your documents, emails, and paperwork are grammatically correct and accurate. You can have professional written materials by asking your VA to proofread before sending the documents to your clients or publishing. 

14. Transcription

You may want to transcribe audio recordings of your meetings for prospects. Your virtual assistant can help you with large volumes of transcription. Additionally, hiring a VA is helpful because you can also delegate transcription tasks in different languages.

15. Market Research

Staying updated on the latest market developments creates a path for a successful business. Your real estate VA will help you with research and provide you with important market insights. You need a VA for real estate research because it has to be intensive as well as regular. They will conduct research and fetch information on the rate of migration, property ownership, upcoming developments, and lending rates.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Virtual Assistants?

There are different platforms from where you can hire a virtual assistant for your real estate business. One of the best places is Vgrow. Vgrow specialists can help you allot non-core activities to a dependable VA so that you can focus on your major business operations.

Before you begin your search for a virtual assistant for real estate investors, you need to take the following points into consideration:

– Identify the task you’ll outsource to the virtual assistant

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the task you are going to delegate to the Virtual Assistant.

– Create process documentation

Try to document the process you want the Virtual Assistant to perform for you. This will be helpful to keep the record as well as helpful for the Virtual Assistant as well as for your company.

– Estimate the time required

Estimation of time required is another important factor that you need to consider. You must clearly understand the number of hours you want the Virtual Assistant to work for you. This is also important for your budget and monthly expenses.

– The talent of the virtual assistant

With a number of Virtual Assistants available in the market, you need to be very specific about what you are looking for. In addition, you have to be very specific about the attitude and skills of your Virtual Assistant.

Wrapping Up

If you are keen to boost your sales and leverage the power of virtual assistants for real estate, connect with Vgrow Solution. We can help you with a broad spectrum of remote virtual assistants and online marketing services. Real estate virtual assistants are the best-kept secret top companies use to gain 7-figure status. That’s because virtual assistants help you free your time so you can focus on the high-impact work that brings in revenue for your real estate business.