Complete Guide to Hire an Appointment Scheduling Virtual Assistant

A Complete Guide to Hire and Manage an Appointment Scheduling Virtual Assistant

A Complete Guide to Hire and Manage an Appointment Scheduling Virtual Assistant

If you are expecting appointments now and then, there are chances that you are facing time mismanagement. That’s because appointment scheduling is laborious and can coincide with your perfectly prepared timetable. Having said that, such scenarios require you to have an appointment scheduling VA or virtual assistant. 

No doubt, hiring a virtual assistant for appointment scheduling is good for your professional and personal life. Not to forget, they have the expertise to render top-quality outcomes in the industry. However, finding the right candidate is not as easy as it may sound. You need someone who can take the burden off so that you can focus on core business activities. 

If you’re unsure about hiring a virtual assistant for appointment scheduling needs, let’s start with uncovering all your objections in hiring and managing your VA and find a suitable answer to each.

Overcoming Objections to Hiring and Managing an Appointment Scheduling Virtual Assistant –

I am not sure about the whole virtual work model –

How would I know a VA can perform for what I’m paying them for? How do I know they wouldn’t cheat on the hours? What if they flake out halfway through a project? If you’re someone with these questions in your mind, relax, we’ve got your answers here.

Trust need not be an issue. Virtual assistants for appointment scheduling are trustworthy, especially when you know how to take the proper precautions while hiring them. It includes carefully reviewing the complete application and rigorously verifying the candidate’s information. To explain further, we have detailed some of the simple tests you can perform while hiring the virtual assistant in this link. 

I am not sure if they’ll be productive –

Virtual assistants are highly productive in their job. Therefore, they are usually hired as per their performance. If they take their work lightly, they might lose their current project and the upcoming ones. Also, as per Stanford, remote working increases the performance of an employee by 13%. Speaking of which, productivity is guaranteed with an appointment scheduling virtual assistant when compared to a full-time employee. Moreover, there are various productivity tracking and time management tools that can help you keep a clear track of their everyday tasks.

How can you tell whether the long-distance helper isn’t slacking?

Fortunately, there are various productivity management tools available now to aid you in working with appointment scheduling virtual assistants. It’s normal to want to double-check that the professional you are doing his job. You don’t want to lose out on any tasks or changes that come your way. You also don’t want to pay for the time he’s likely just squandered. 

If you’re concerned about productivity, you can utilize software tools to manage your VA and check in on them from time to time. Alternatively, you can set aside time each week to meet and review the tasks and the performance of your appointment scheduling VA.

How will I manage the time difference with a virtual assistant from another country?

Working with remote assistance on the other side of the world can be difficult. However, you can schedule the VA to work during the same hours as you do, depending on the assignment you have for them. You can decide and agree on your work schedule before you engage an appointment scheduling a virtual assistant. That should be plenty to prepare for adjustment, and it will assist in establishing whether the VA is capable of carrying out his duties properly.

How to hire an appointment scheduling virtual assistant? 

The hiring process for an appointment scheduling virtual assistant is similar to that of any other candidate for your business. Here’s a guide for the same

#1 Prepare a Detailed Job Description

Before moving on to any other step, you must prepare a job description with explicit mentions of necessary factors. For example, the job description should include weekly working hours, task detail, required skills, work values, and mandatory tool access. 

A detailed job description renders a fair idea to the applicant about the job type. It retains them from any confusion and assists in easy hiring.

#2 Post the Requirement Online

After making a job description, it’s time to post them online. As per Pew Research Center’s survey on job search methods, 54% of Americans search for jobs online. Also, 45% of Americans have applied online for any job role.

There are several reputable online websites where you can post job openings for your business. These are the perfect platforms that are focused on the outsourcing field.  

Plus, you can update a job opening on your website as well. Even social media platforms can be a helpful approach to find the right candidate. You can try using Instagram and Facebook to upload the openings for any job role.  

#3 Take a Thorough Look into the Applications

You will have innumerable applicants after initiating the opening. Speaking of which, you have to be smart when choosing the appropriate candidate. In this step, you have to ensure that these candidates have everything that your job role requires. 

Make sure to check their samples, cover letters, resume, and past experiences. Also, check if they have a firm grip on speaking language. All these factors can contribute to spot the perfect candidate that offers virtual assistant services. 

#4 Schedule an Interview

Moving on, you can schedule an interview to learn more about the chosen candidate. There are different platforms (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) by which you can conduct a remote interview.

During the interview, be highly straightforward and ask them relevant questions. Make sure to ask about their working ambiance, skills, past job experiences, availability for work, etc. It’s best to make a list of possible questions before taking the interview session and use the same.

#5 Talk about the Project and Payment Options

After hiring the perfect candidate, discuss the work with them in detail. There should be adequate communication between both parties.

Let them know your schedule and the client’s appointment details. You should also ask them to send the updates and reports via email every day.

Following that, ask them about the appropriate payment method (hourly, weekly, or fixed). Also, check with the platform where they are comfortable to get the payment. 

Is it expensive to hire an appointment scheduling a virtual assistant?

An appointment scheduling virtual assistant can save 7O% operational cost when compared to full-time assistants. Thus, hiring virtual assistants can be a cost-effective approach for your business. It is much more convenient and efficient than other options like a personal assistant. In addition, these individuals have an independent approach to work.

They also cover their expenses, thereby retaining you from the same. Besides, you will not have to provide salaries or related costs of a full-time employee. All you have to do is pay for the hours they have worked for. That’s it. Another plus point of VA is that most of them have access to relevant tools for the task. So, they save you from such costs as well.

Where to find the suitable appointment scheduling virtual assistant?

Fiverr and Upwork are freelance websites that can help connect with freelancers from around the world. While Upwork can help connect easily with offshore virtual assistants. You can also find resources for long-term commitment and full-time assistance on this platform.

Alternatively, you can hire your first VAs from virtual assistant companies that offer virtual assistant services for Appointment Scheduling.

I am too busy to hire and train an assistant –

We know hiring and training a new employee can be a tiresome task, but the good news is a virtual assistant service provider can help you handle it effectively. The virtual assistant hired through a reliable service provider will be pre-trained and skilled in the respective task. With a little direction they can effectively manage all your appointment scheduling needs with a better understanding of you and your business. 

Do you want to skip searching for the right virtual assistant? And still, want to build a remote team to boost your business performance?

Vgrow Solution can help find the best candidate that ensures your client engagements are successful and productive. In addition, our virtual assistants are available 24×7 for all your business appointment scheduling requirements. So you can plan your tasks accordingly in advance without being worried about scheduling appointments for the next few days.