VA for Artists: Top 10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You

Virtual Assistant for Artists: Top 10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You

Virtual Assistant for Artists Top 10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You

Being an artist is quite an exciting lifestyle where you challenge yourself every day. However, to be truly successful, you must also be good at managing time. You want to give all your focus to the actual work that you are doing. However, other tasks are just as important. All those tasks are simple, administrative, and repetitive; someone else can do them for you. That someone else can be your remote virtual assistant!

Thanks to the Internet being home to everything, we can manage many aspects of our lives online. That also includes managing everyday activities, and a remote virtual assistant is your best option. We are sharing 10 ways a remote virtual assistant can benefit you. Giving these tasks to a VA can improve your work and life significantly.

1. Search for Compatible Galleries

Creating artwork is not only about turning an idea into reality. It is a process that goes much beyond that. One prominent non-creative portion of that process is searching for galleries. Your artwork is valuable and deserves the best possible place for you to exhibit it to the world. While you could easily find several options without looking too far, the gallery must also have an exhibition plan you can accept.

A remote virtual assistant can find what you need and leave you to enjoy your work. You can remember the nitty-gritty requirements that come later. While you are creating, your remote virtual assistant can take your preferences and start searching. Not only can they find compatible galleries, but they can also generate multiple options for you to make a choice.

2. Manage Your Supplies and Raw Materials

Every work of art was once a bunch of materials segregated into different categories. That could be anything from brushes, paint, canvases, or a hundred other things you may need to keep in line. Keeping track of these items requires no creative input, and anyone can manage them. In such a situation, a remote virtual assistant can ensure nothing goes out of order. They keep tabs on all your supplies and place timely orders for restocking, so you always have materials at all points.

3. Help You Gain Attention

You want people to notice your work and recognize you as a successful artist. To do this, you need someone to tell them that you exist and that your work is worth their attention. It can be a long and tedious job that you cannot expect an artist to spend time on. So, why give it to someone who is good at spreading information and knows how to do it properly? It can include publishing information on a website, running social media pages, or creating flyers for your exhibitions. A remote virtual assistant can do all these things well and make it possible for you to gain a big audience.

4. Get Your Artwork Photographed

Thanks to digital media, you can preserve your work forever and not worry about losing it. Almost every artist is now taking pictures of their work and putting them in a safe location to secure it. However, you need a photographer to ensure your artwork looks identical to the physical version. A professional photographer can also take good photos and bring out color accuracy. Your remote virtual assistant can find someone with the experience and capability to bring that accuracy to digital photographs.

They can talk to multiple photographers and shortlist the best options for you. This process is quite simple but can take a lot of time, which is something you can save yourself from by giving it to your VA. An experienced VA will also have experience in hiring photographers and can make a better choice than you.

5. Manage Your Clients and Projects

Many artists often take on private projects for clients as they become more and more successful. This work can lead to a steady income, but you must also manage your workload. A balance must be present between how much work you can do and how much work you need for a good income. It requires planning and can eat your creative time as well.

A remote virtual assistant will help you with creating a calendar system where you can allocate time to multiple projects simultaneously. They can provide a system that maximizes productivity as you focus on the creative side. They could remind you about that if you are running behind on a project and help maintain a good rapport.


6. Update Your Website and Keep it Running

As mentioned earlier, the Internet is a blessing in many ways for artists. One way that happens is in the form of dedicated websites for artists. You can create your virtual gallery to showcase your work and sell it to interested parties. However, to make that model successful, dedication and constant updating are a must.

A third party can do this work, and who better do it for you than your own VA? They can manage your website from remote locations. They can add new artwork to your portfolio, manage your orders, and even keep your accounts up to date.

7. Help You Become Better Through Learning

A good artist knows that learning is a never-ending process. They know that if they are not learning, then they are not growing. That is true in many ways, and the most obvious is learning new skills and art styles. To do this, you need a learning source like classrooms and courses. This can be a great thing to have for an artist who is also working already, but finding them can be time-consuming.

With some basic knowledge, anyone can do it for you, and a VA with experience with artists can find them quickly. They can find courses and classes that will help you the most and even put in registrations for you. All you will do is attend those courses, and your VA can create a calendar and reminders for you.

8. Build Your Social Media Presence

The rule nowadays is simple: if you want publicity, you must have a social media presence. Instagram and Facebook platforms of social media are super helpful, but they need time to manage. You can certainly do it yourself, but you might need more time to focus on your work properly.

A good remote virtual assistant can create your online presence and curate it professionally. They can update your pages regularly and let people know what you are working on. They can also take orders for you and get your artwork on other pages for more publicity. This work is relatively easy to do but requires time, and a VA can do it much better.

9. Manage Your Shipping and Logistics

With people able to see your work from all parts of the world, you can have clients who may be elsewhere. Sending orders to far locations means sending them via a courier service like UPS, FedEx, etc. They always do it, but you must also tell them to be careful. Proper labeling, choosing the right shipping type, and other logistical decisions are also a part of this process.

It sounds like an administrative job, doesn’t it? So why not let your VA step in and do it for you? With so much correspondence to handle daily, a VA is an expert in creating and managing shipments. They can instruct you on how to pack your artwork and even provide helpful information to avoid accidents. Lastly, they will share an update on each shipment regularly so you stay fully informed.

10. Perform Basic Level Bookkeeping

Knowing where you are financially is nice, and proper bookkeeping can help you do that well. However, it is a time-consuming job, and even though it is not too difficult, you could be doing something more productive in that time. A good VA generally knows basic bookkeeping and can record all your transactions and expenses. All you need to do is share your receipts; they can do everything else as you focus on your work.

Wrapping Up

A remote virtual assistant can be beneficial for artists of all levels and disciplines, as it can help you streamline your workflows, expand your reach, and increase your productivity. The 10 ways a remote virtual assistant can help artists, from handling administrative tasks to promoting your work, building your online presence, managing your schedule, keeping track of your finances, organizing your portfolio, helping with networking, assisting with research, managing your social media, and providing customer service, are all essential for an artist looking to take their career to the next level.

Hiring a remote virtual assistant can totally change the game for artists, as it allows them to focus on their art while their virtual assistant takes care of the rest. A remote virtual assistant can be a much less expensive way to expand your team and help you reach new heights in the art world. If you’re an artist looking to take your career to the next level, consider hiring a remote virtual assistant to help you achieve your objectives.

As you focus on your artwork, your VA can manage all your day-to-day needs. In some ways, there is nothing your VA cannot do for you. So why not take advantage of that and hire a remote virtual assistant to become more productive? Hire remote virtual assistants from Vgrow, a virtual assistant service provider for industries of all types. Call us, and our executives will be happy to help you book one. Hire your virtual assistant at $6/hour now!


Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison has been the Director of Client Relations at VGROW since 2019. She builds strong customer relationships, drives client retention, and oversees team productivity. Kimberly's approach to customer engagement is key to VGROW's aim of streamlining business processes through virtual assistance services.


Kimberly Morrison

Kimberly Morrison has been the Director of Client Relations at VGROW since 2019. She builds strong customer relationships, drives client retention, and oversees team productivity. Kimberly's approach to customer engagement is key to VGROW's aim of streamlining business processes through virtual assistance services.