Need a Virtual Assistant with Strong Administrative Skills? Know-How to Hire Them

Virtual Assistant for Spa

Hiring a virtual assistant for spa business is an affordable way to get the administrative tasks, improving service quality and growing spa business. A VA for spa management, who has strong administrative skills, is usually cheaper than a locally hired employee and offers flexibility and scalability. Hiring a VA for spa management means you can control the time your VA works, based on your spa business needs. Virtual assistant for spa owners can do all admin tasks; from ad-hoc duties to on-going support. If you are a busy spa owner and looking for a virtual assistant with strong administrative skills, this article is for you.


Getting Started to Hire a VA for Spa

Hiring a VA requires understanding the role of VA first. A Virtual Assistant (also called the VA) is a self-employed staff or administrator who works for your spa remotely (usually from his/her own home). Here, distance is not the limiting factor and you get to work with professionals/experts in the field.


Virtual Assistant for Spa

However, hiring a VA for spa management, is the decision based on certain factors that you must consider before opting for a VA for spa. These include:


Factors to consider before hiring a Virtual Assistant for Spa Business



The very first factor is to know if you can you afford a virtual assistant for spa. Though virtual assistants are more economical than those hired locally, the fact that most of them are hired via freelancing websites, requires you to pay them on timely basis. Hence, you must determine your budget you can bear on a weekly/monthly basis for your spa administrative tasks to be done.


–>Need Analysis

It’s also one of the first things to determine. You need to know the scope of your business admin tasks like how many tasks you would require your VA to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Hiring a VA for spa remotely is beneficial especially for small spas as they don’t have high scope of work and they can easily scale up the scope as the business expands or grows.


–>Job Description

The next important factor is to know what exactly you would want your VA to do for your spa. Most of the VAs prefer to know their job description, scope of work and time, in advance as they work for other clients as well. Start by preparing a job description and explaining what the role would be. This also helps you stay focused on your core activities and manage expectations. And if you are unable to think of a complete job description off the top of your head, then write the tasks you don’t want to do or don’t have enough time to do, and start from there.


–>Analyzing Administrative Skills of Virtual Assistant for Spa

Nowadays, the scope of virtual assistant for spa businesses has evolved from managing simple mundane tasks of attending customer calls, to handling payroll and marketing remotely. A professional and reliable spa VA possess strong administrative skills, mainly in the following areas. Hence, when you start looking for the VA for your spa, pay special attention to determine if they have this expertise to offer:


–>Providing Customer Support & Managing Appointments

These skills give spa owners more time to focus on key business areas. Virtual spa assistants let spa owners save enough time while staying focused and organized. Because they take care of time consuming tasks for you, you can easily focus on how your business can improve further. With virtual assistant for spa business , all you need to worry about is developing long lasting client relationship.


–>Customer Relations

Customer relations is the key to turn your spa customers into repetitive customers. Check if the VA has the communication skills required for developing and maintaining effective customer relations. In today’s world, customer relations have gone beyond answering customers’ queries and providing desired services. A skilled spa VA must be able to make your customers feel that they are valuable to your business.


–>Handling Diversity

A spa business deals with a range of nationalities. Being a spa owner, you must have an idea how diverse customers you encounter on a daily basis. The VA for spa you hire must have considerable understanding of the kinds of customers usually visit spa and have sufficient skills to respond to/communicate with them in line of their values and preferences.


–>Computer skills

As we already mentioned, a bigger part of a spa VA consists of administrative tasks, including staff management, handling calls, setting appointments and maintain follow ups, taking care of inventory, handling vendors, and often payroll. Doing these tasks require appropriate computer skills like using Windows, MS Excel (spreadsheet), MS Word & PowerPoint.


–>Hiring Platforms for VAs

There are various resources where you can find an ideal VA for your spa business. You can start with personal referrals and go up to authentic freelancing sites to hire the best match. Make sure to have thorough research earlier regarding the resource you decide to opt for since not all resources are reliable and budget-friendly.


Concluding Thoughts

Finding a virtual assistant for your spa who has strong administrative skills is an economical and smart option to grow your business in the long run. It not only saves you from mundane administrative tasks but also enables you to outsource critical administrative jobs like marketing, social media handling, payroll etc. to your VA in future on need basis.

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