5 Types of Companies Using VAs to Build Their Brand

5 Types of Companies Using Virtual Assistants to Build Their Brand

Companies Using Virtual Assistants

While any company can increase its profits by deploying remote virtual assistants, we wanted to highlight the top 5 industries that do so.

Hiring virtual assistance services, or online virtual assistants as we refer to them, is a trend still expanding. However, the concept is still new for some professionals and business owners. Because of technological advancements, using remote workers is now simpler and more effective than having a large team in an office.

Examples of cloud-based tools businesses use are Skype, Microsoft 365, Docusign, iCloud, and Dropbox. This indicates that many duties may be completed remotely, and employing a global workforce is the best action.

Companies at the forefront of their respective industries have realized the advantages of using professional virtual assistant services. In a previous post, we discussed the significant cost savings that our clients discovered a year after integrating remote virtual assistance into their businesses.

Companies of the following sorts may benefit from remote virtual assistant services:

Brokers, Agents, and Property Managers in Real Estate

You can’t do everything as a real estate professional, and the sooner you accept that you are not superhuman, the better. You would gain from hiring a remote virtual assistant in various ways. A remote virtual assistant may help you with tasks like lead filtration, appointment scheduling and management, placing ads, handling email contact, general administration and customer support, and improving your online reputation.

Law Offices

It is well known that law firms handle a lot of paperwork. They all have time-consuming activities like research, legal transcription, calendar and email management, data entry, and client communication, regardless of the area of law they specialize in. To ease the stress, a remote virtual assistant can be assigned to complete these activities.

IT Firm

One of the first sectors to see the advantages of using remote virtual assistants was this one. Technology organizations have reaped the benefits of deploying remote virtual assistants for anything from world-class website development to administrative support, technical and customer technical support, and everything in between.

Financial and Accounting Firms

One of the most difficult duties for an accounting company is record organization. Other challenging tasks include data input, accounts payable and receivable, calendar management, and bank reconciliation. A remote virtual assistant with the necessary skills will undoubtedly contribute to reducing anxiety.

Marketing Agencies

Companies wishing to provide marketing services to clients in the digital age can use a remote virtual assistant. Facebook ads, market research, blogging, locating images for quotes, article syndication, and design are examples of social media campaigns. These are all excellent jobs for remote virtual assistants.

Virtual staff can benefit any business, including cleaning, general contractors, architects, and many others.

Your company’s success depends on your decisions and actions as an entrepreneur.

Use your experience to expand your company and obtain all the assistance required for the remaining tasks. We at Vgrow take the effort out of locating that perfect person and, if necessary, assist with training. To find out how we can best assist you, contact us today.

How Does VA Works?

Remote virtual assistants have gained popularity as more startups, and small businesses use virtual offices to cut expenses. Companies of all sizes use the internet more frequently for day-to-day operations.

A firm does not require to offer remote virtual assistance the same benefits or make the same tax payments as it would for a full-time employee since the virtual assistant is an independent contractor.

The virtual assistant doesn’t require a desk or other workspace in the business’s office because she works remotely. It is envisioned that a virtual assistant will pay for and supply their computer hardware, software, and high-speed Internet connectivity.

Virtual administration was one of the top 10 fastest-growing remote employment categories, according to research by FlexJobs that looked at more than 50 different career fields.

What Is the Price of Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant?

The difficulty of a virtual assistant’s task, years of experience, credentials, location, industry specialty, and other comparable characteristics affect how much they charge. You won’t be able to calculate a fixed salary for them because you will pay them hourly based on their involvement, but you should consider all of these elements to understand better how their hourly rates fluctuate. According to recent data, they make $63,501 per year.

Although cost-effectiveness should be one of many incentives to hire a virtual assistant, it certainly helps. You ought to do so as follows:

  • Since their ability to compete in the market depends on their efficiency, using a virtual assistant will relieve your stress about meeting deadlines. They ensure everything is completed on time because their market reputation depends on it; if they submit their tasks late, you won’t likely hire them again.
  • There would be no additional costs for the in-house workers that you would need to pay for—While the wage you would pay a virtual assistant is less than that of a full-time employee, it is not the only price you will save on. Several payroll-related taxes will also be eliminated, including social security and medicare levies.

Duties of a Remote Virtual Assistant

The specific tasks that an online virtual assistant performs depend on the customer’s demands and the contract’s requirements. Some virtual assistants work on administrative and financial responsibilities, while others could update social media accounts often or create blog posts. A multifaceted remote virtual assistant may also help with data entry, vacation planning, arranging appointments, and online file storage.

Virtual Assistant Requirements

There are no strict educational prerequisites to becoming a remote virtual assistant. Still, many employers prefer to hire those who have completed advanced coursework or received specialized training. A few community institutions and internet businesses provide remote virtual assistant courses and certification.

A virtual assistant should be computer literate, possess a broad variety of computer skills, and be highly skilled with widely used business applications and tools. Basic accounting activities like account reconciliations and double-entry bookkeeping should be mastered by a virtual assistant specializing in bookkeeping.

Why a Remote Virtual Assistant Is Beneficial

One benefit of using a remote virtual assistant for the client is the freedom to just pay for the services they require. Some remote virtual assistants may be compensated by the task rather than the hour, depending on the terms of the contract. On the other hand, employees in a traditional office setting typically need to be compensated for a specific number of hours per day.

By employing a virtual assistant, small business owners can free up time that can be used to concentrate on expanding their operations and increasing income. It can be simpler and more cost-effective to outsource time-consuming and tedious tasks to a professional.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant

The employment market has seen a rise in Web-based businesses that function as middlemen between potential employers and contractors due to the rise in independent contractors that work from home. Several freelancer websites offer sizable work pools of people from all over the world with varying experiences and expertise.

Clients can post information about the jobs they require the remote virtual assistant to complete and the highest rate they are willing to pay on these websites. After that, independent contractors can bid on the project and submit work samples for the client to assess. The client may occasionally arrange a video conference to interview the candidates and more fully evaluate their qualifications.

Particular Considerations

The customer can secure a more efficient working relationship before hiring a remote virtual assistant by outlining the specific activities they require. A written manual lowers the chance of miscommunication in a remote working arrangement.


Using an online virtual assistant to increase productivity and expand your business is no longer unusual; it’s almost a requirement. Because they help businesses save a ton of time and money, VAs are becoming more and more vital. You may hire someone for a fraction of the cost when you have a VA because you no longer have to pay benefits or payroll taxes. Hiring a remote virtual assistant can be smart if you own a small business. Any person or organization will benefit greatly from having a go-to person for their needs.


Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is the Senior Operations Manager at Vserve Amazon Listing Services, a position he's held since 2021. He is renowned for operational excellence, leading teams to achieve sales growth and enhanced customer service. Andrew's role is crucial in optimizing the company's operations and maintaining its reputation for efficient back-office solutions.


Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is the Senior Operations Manager at Vserve Amazon Listing Services, a position he's held since 2021. He is renowned for operational excellence, leading teams to achieve sales growth and enhanced customer service. Andrew's role is crucial in optimizing the company's operations and maintaining its reputation for efficient back-office solutions.