How Small Businesses Can Gain Fortune 500 with VA Services?

How Small Businesses Can Gain Fortune 500 Advantage with Virtual Assistant Services in 2021

Gain Fortune 500

What transforms a business from a simple, run-of-the-mill company into a reputed Fortune 500 enterprise? The answer is three-fold – Operational efficiency, Robust service, and Focused core services. Virtual assistant services can help you achieve these three goals. In this article, let’s look into how small businesses can gain Fortune 500 advantage when they hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Small Businesses – Why do you need them?

Virtual assistants can give you more freedom to focus on critical tasks

According to The Anatomy of Work Index by Asana, employees spend 60% of their workday on mundane and repetitive tasks such as answering emails, setting up meetings and other appointments, searching for files, filling in forms.

This is such a waste of time when you need to focus on developing products and services that can out-compete other businesses. But not only do mundane and repetitive tasks waste your time, but they also disengage employees. In fact, companies with disengaged employees perform 202% poorer compared to companies that have engaged employees. This is where virtual assistant services can help.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you can outsource these routine and mundane tasks to them and reduce the burden of boring tasks on yourself. Now you can focus on your core business operations and give your key personnel the opportunity to tackle challenging activities that can help you make headway in the market.

Virtual assistants can help you maintain regulatory-compliant books of account

Accounting errors can lead to tremendous problems for both the business and its stakeholders. Who here doesn’t remember what happened to automobile giant Hertz? The company’s accountants and auditors failed to account for uncollectible fees for vehicle restorations and damaged vehicles. Over the years, this accounting error led to a whopping $46.3 million in losses!

A mistake of this magnitude can be a death sentence to small businesses. This is where a virtual assistant services company can really benefit you. When you hire a virtual assistant to take over your books of accounts, you entrust an expert to be solely responsible for company-wide accounting. This virtual assistant will keep a close eye on your books, use best-in-class accounting software to keep track of everything and ensure your books of accounts are up-to-date and compliant with regulations.

Virtual assistants can reduce your operational costs

Did you know that a virtual assistant services company can reduce your operational expenses by 78%?

Virtual assistants are a great way to manage your finances smartly. Here’s how they help you save costs:

  • Virtual assistants can be hired for specific tasks only – this means you pay only for what work they do and that duration.
  • Virtual assistants take care of their internet, technology, and office supplies – you will not have to buy/rent anything for them.
  • Compensation for virtual assistants only includes reimbursement for work done. You don’t have to spend on insurance, 401Ks, and other benefits.
  • Many virtual assistant services offer budget-friendly annual packages, which can make their services very cost-efficient.

In fact, this is how Fortune 500 companies spend their money wisely on things that matter by leveraging virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants can increase your workplace efficiency

Training is important when you set up a new business. But here’s the problem. Companies spend on average 55.4 hours and $1,886 each year to train a single employee.

Spending such a tremendous amount of time and money on employee training can create problems when you need these precious resources for core business tasks. Additionally, while your new hires work towards mastering these skills, there is a huge scope for making mistakes on the job. Together, these can reduce your operational efficiency.

A virtual assistant for entrepreneurs can eliminate these challenges.

Virtual assistants come trained on numerous tasks, processes, and technology. Once you hire them, they can immediately get to work, and you won’t need to spend time or money on training them. Additionally, they will be less likely to make mistakes or provide poor-quality work that can require reworking.

Overall, a virtual assistant for small businesses can help you maintain your quality of work and ensure your operations run without a hitch.

Virtual assistants can help you build a strong online presence

Any entrepreneur who wants their business to have customer mindshare must be online these days. Some of the best virtual assistant services providers have social media experts who can help you:

  • Develop compelling online profiles and accounts that attract audience attention.
  • Manage the day-to-day running of social media promotional campaigns.
  • Optimize your lead generation activities by engaging with your social media audiences.
  • Create interesting and accessible content that is share-worthy.
  • Schedule posts so you can effectively target your chosen prospects.
  • Respond to social media messages, tweets, tags, and comments quickly and in a personalized manner.

In addition to these, your virtual assistant services company can also support your backend analytics tasks by:

  • Managing your omni channel campaigns that support your social media campaigns.
  • Building data collection forms for your accounts and websites.
  • Replying to customer messages received through contact forms.
  • Collating and processing social media engagement metrics and site visits by using analytics tools.
  • Creating insights-rich reports that you can use for campaign planning.

Some of the best virtual assistant services also offer 24×7 virtual assistant support. This is helpful if you have a global customer base and need a robust and responsive social media team.

Virtual assistants can help you to provide 24/7 customer service

Speaking of 24×7 virtual assistant support, your virtual assistant for small businesses will also be able to offer very robust backend support to prospects and existing customers. This is crucial.

Research has proven that about 1 in 3 customers purchases from a brand only after having a positive experience with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service agent. Conversely, if they have a negative experience, 91% of customers will leave the brand without complaining. Therefore, by having a virtual assistant services company take over your customer service activities, you can prevent customer churn by up to 67%!

There are more benefits that you get when you hire a virtual assistant for customer support activities. For example, companies with highly responsive customer service teams drive 4%-8% higher revenue than other companies. Additionally, according to Harvard Business Review, their profits increase by 25% to 95%. Isn’t that enough impetus for you to choose 24×7 virtual assistant services?

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