Top 15 Lead generation Tasks for Your Real Estate VA

15 Lead generation tasks for your Real estate virtual assistant

15 Lead generation tasks for your Real estate virtual assistants

The benefits of having a real estate virtual assistant are never-ending. From marketing to sales and from helping out with various tasks to keep your real estate office running smoothly to administration work – they are an invaluable resource. But of all the jobs performed by virtual assistants for real estate, the most critical is attracting leads.

Bringing in real estate leads is an art. Perhaps you lack the skills to engage, entice, and capture leads yourself. Maybe you don’t have the skills to attract online leads. But 44% of people find their homes online. So you can’t afford to ignore the web. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to perform all your online lead generation tasks.

 15 Lead generation tasks Real estate virtual assistant

Here are 15 lead generation tasks that they can perform to attract leads to your real estate company.

#1. Email Marketing

In 2018, customer response rates to direct real estate mail campaigns jumped to 43%. That number has simply been increasing since 2018. Timing is everything with email marketing. Your real estate virtual assistant can take over your complete email marketing strategy. That includes:

Creating and sending out targeted email campaigns to buyers, sellers, and renters regularly, on time, every time.

Following up with each person and connecting with them directly.

#2. Optimize your website for lead generation

 To get your website optimized for lead generation, you require a specific understanding of the lead generation process. It’s not as simple as adding a “Contact Us” page to your website. The process begins with your website visitors showing interest in your real estate services and finally filling up the contact us information form. Here are some tasks virtual assistants for real estate can do to ensure your target audience becomes hard leads.

Add more landing pages. According to a HubSpot survey, a website with 30+ landing pages produces seven times more leads than websites with only one to five landing pages.

Include live chat. Add live chat to your website to allow potential leads to communicate directly with your real estate virtual assistant. They can immediately answer any questions that prospective clients might have.

Send thank you emails to converts. Once a visitor converts to a lead, your real estate virtual assistant can immediately send back a thank you email.

#3. Create, upload, and promote marketing videos

Video marketing is a fantastic way to capture the true essence of a property. Video content ensures more interest in your properties and higher conversion rates.

Hire a real estate virtual assistant and benefit from their video editing skills. They can create:

  • Virtual tours of your listings, virtual tours of the surrounding neighborhoods – businesses, schools, restaurants near each property.
  • Real estate coaching videos.
  • Informational videos that show off your real estate expertise.
  • Testimonial videos.

Your virtual assistant can share these videos on video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Zillow, and Trulia to build trust with potential leads, buyers, and sellers. Your real estate virtual assistant can also create summaries of these videos to promote on social media sites.

#4. Create unique content

Get your virtual assistant for the real estate involved in keeping your online audience engaged with unique content. They can create:

  • Unique and personalized content regarding individual properties.
  • Short descriptions about each property’s surrounding neighborhood.
  • Engaging content for all the property images on your website.
  • Website content.
  • Social media posts.
  • Informative content for property listings.

#5. Stay active on social media

Social media marketing has fantastic benefits for real estate agents. Not only will you reach highly potential leads on these platforms, but you will see a far better ROI from your marketing investment. But to derive these benefits, you must have a regular if not constant presence on the most relevant social media platforms. That’s where virtual assistants for real estate agents can help. Get your virtual assistant involved with creating and following a social media marketing plan to generate and capture leads.

#6. Secure online reviews

The key to getting more leads is to attract them with reviews. Potential clients look for real estate agents who have positive reviews. Positive reviews are a sign that you have served several happy customers. If you are too busy to follow up with your clients and secure positive reviews from them, get your virtual assistant to do that for you.

When you hire a real estate virtual assistant, they can send out emails to your happy clients asking for reviews that can be posted online. The more reviews they get you, the more chances of your online reputation improving organically. That leads to more people calling your real estate company.

#7. Use lead generation sites and tools

Lead generation tools and websites like Zurple, Zillow, Zoho, REDX, and BoldLeads are excellent for finding potential clients and close deals. So all you have to do is pull out the information of those who have shown interest in your listings. Your virtual assistant has the skills to use various tools and do all the legwork required on lead generation websites.

#8. Help with sales tasks

Just because your real estate assistant is virtual doesn’t mean they cannot help with tasks related to sales. Some sales tasks that your virtual assistant can help with are:

  • Update and maintain your CRM with information on leads
  • Follow up with leads
  • Set appointments
  • Update sellers on weekly performance.

#9. Start, launch, and maintain a real estate blog

Blogging is still one of the most powerful ways to generate website traffic and get leads online. According to a Forbes article, companies that maintain a blog get 67% more leads every month than companies that don’t blog. An average blog post takes approximately three hours to develop. When you don’t have that time, you can outsource your blog copywriting to a real estate virtual assistant service. Virtual assistants can also take over the task of launching your real estate blog.

#10. Create virtual tours of your properties

A virtual tour is a 360-degree view of each room within a property, the yard, and the driveway. Users have control over what they see and which angle they would like to view the property. Some tours allow viewers to walk through a property. If you want to get more leads, a virtual tour can attract people who cannot physically visit and view a particular property.

Your real estate virtual assistant can create virtual tours of your various properties and put them up on different social media platforms, websites, and your real estate website to attract more leads.

#11. Offer free real estate advice

People are always on the lookout for advice on sites like, Zillow, and more. And people tend to lean towards companies that can help them solve a particular problem or furnish them with valuable information.

Virtual assistants for real estate can answer questions, create guest postings for websites related to real estate, and post relevant information on various sites. All those activities will help to build your reputation as a professional and draw leads to your website. If you want to be doubly sure the information created by your assistant is valid, you can first go through the content and approve it before it is posted online.

#12. Provide social proof

You are busy becoming successful and don’t have time to brag about your success online. But letting potential customers know about your accomplishments is critical to draw them to your website and convert them to hard leads.

Get your real estate virtual assistant to highlight your business’ success on social media sites, your website, your blog, and pop-up ads. You can also consider adding a portfolio page to your website that lists out the various properties you have sold and for how much you have sold each of them.

#13. Mine prospects through research

Understanding the latest market trends and possessing the newest business intelligence is critical to attracting more leads. The deeper you research these matters, the more chances of finding new communities and pools of potential clients. Naturally, all this research takes time, and time is something you lack.

One of the specialties of virtual assistants for real estate is to be able to conduct in-depth research into areas related to the real estate market. They also find new areas to reach out to and get clients.

#14. Track your competitors

Knowing who your competitors are can help you stay ahead of them. It can also help you reduce trial and error, develop your positioning, and give you insights into your weaknesses and strengths.

Virtual assistants for real estate businesses can save you the time of understanding your competitors.

They can use their research skills to find out:

  • Who your competitors are.
  • What your competitors are up to.
  • Your competitors’ successes and failures.
  • Information about how much web traffic they get to their sites.
  • Their sales volumes, and more.

 #15. Networking

Networking is a critical part of your job as a real estate agent. It helps strengthen your business connections, build confidence, gain more knowledge, and enables you to get access to potential leads. Here are some networking skills virtual assistants for real estate agents can help with:

  • Create LinkedIn Groups.
  • Finding local events to speak on real estate trends.
  • Respond to real estate forums.
  • Correspond with property inspectors and home stagers.
  • Contact real estate business coaches to help you create successful lead generation strategies.
  • Arranging meetings with prospective leads.


If you haven’t got your very own virtual assistant, perhaps it’s time to hire a real estate virtual assistant. A real estate virtual assistant can do almost any job associated with bringing in more leads, from getting your business online and maintaining your social media presence to creating marketing content, updating your website, and helping with sales tasks. With someone reliable ensuring you get in leads, you can concentrate on growing your real estate business.

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Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is the Senior Operations Manager at Vserve Amazon Listing Services, a position he's held since 2021. He is renowned for operational excellence, leading teams to achieve sales growth and enhanced customer service. Andrew's role is crucial in optimizing the company's operations and maintaining its reputation for efficient back-office solutions.


Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is the Senior Operations Manager at Vserve Amazon Listing Services, a position he's held since 2021. He is renowned for operational excellence, leading teams to achieve sales growth and enhanced customer service. Andrew's role is crucial in optimizing the company's operations and maintaining its reputation for efficient back-office solutions.