How a Virtual Assistant Helps You in Cutting Down Your Travelling Cost?

Travel Planning Virtual Assistant
Travelling involves planning and can be expensive. If you are concerned about increasing costs, you can use a Travel Planning Virtual Assistant to reduce costs. A virtual assistant can make the travel process easier for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or a remote assistant is a person who does work from a remote location, as compared to an office. The virtual assistant maybe a freelancer or may work for an outsourcing firm. According to industry estimates, freelance workers would make up 40% of the workforce in the US by the end of 2020. Studies have shown that a virtual assistant can be 12% more productive than those working in an office. Studies have also shown that a company can save up to 78% of costs by using the services of a virtual assistant. Outsourcing work to a virtual assistant allows a company to benefit as work would be done by professionals. Hiring and staffing costs, as well as costs for providing infrastructure, are saved by outsourcing. This is why companies are hiring more virtual assistants.

What can a Travel planning virtual assistant do for you?

A travel planner virtual assistant is a person who takes care of all your travel needs. If you a busy business executive, you would want your travel arrangements to be perfect. Hiring someone to do this job will be expensive as they may not have work to do around the year. Instead, you can use a virtual travel assistant who can manage your travel arrangements seamlessly. Not only does this get the work done but also you can expect professional service. A virtual travel planning assistant can manage all the tasks associated with your business and even personal travel. The following are some of the services you can outsource to a virtual travel planning assistant: 1) Your virtual assistant (VA) can start right from the process of creating your travel budget. The VA would be someone experienced in this domain and will use her experience to help you create a budget, so you can proactively reduce traveling costs. 2) The VA can manage your entire travel booking. All you need to do is inform the travel dates, venues, and other details. The VA can make a detailed travel itinerary for you. The VA would take care of all the associated tasks including:

Associated Tasks:

a. Booking flights to the destination, including the return and onward flights. The VA would scout different hotels/websites to get you the best deal. b. Booking cars or other transport required when you reach your destination. c. Hotel booking at the type of hotel you prefer that is within the travel budget. d. Ensuring arrangement for airport transfer. e. Web check-in for flights. f. Currency exchange in case of foreign travel. g. Managing visas and other related services for foreign travel. h. Sending reminders on flight date/time. 3) Apart from the travel function, a VA can handle appointments with clients on your behalf. The VA can call up clients and schedule/re-schedule meetings and keep you updated. The VA can manage your entire daily schedule when you are traveling. 4) The VA can even manage your emails and phone calls while you are traveling. 5) Apart from business travel, a travel virtual assistant can even handle leisure travel for you and your family members. From planning your holiday to booking flights or cruises the VA can handle all activities for you.

How a virtual travel planning assistant can reduce travel costs?

There are two key benefits of working with a travel virtual assistant. One is that you get professional services as and when needed. The second is the savings on costs. The following explains how a VA can reduce your travel costs: 1) Instead of hiring a travel assistant full-time, who may be under-utilized you can use the services of a travel virtual assistant as and when you require. 2) You can get professional services at the best possible prices. 3) Office and training expenses are saved that otherwise had to be spent by hiring a full-time employee. 4) You can save on training expenses spent on new recruits. 5) You can save precious time in the process.

How to hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you want to hire a virtual assistant, then you should partner with an experienced organization. Vgrow solutions offer virtual assistant services for companies. You can contact them today to use the services of their remote virtual assistant. Similar contents to read: Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail in Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant? How Can Virtual Assistant Service Help You in Critical Situations?



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