Elevate Your Virtual Assistant Game with Powerful Tools!

Elevate Your Virtual Assistant Game with Powerful Tools!

Remote Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are essential in today’s frantic and connected world, offering individuals and organizations invaluable support. Remote virtual assistants use various tools to increase their productivity and efficiency to thrive at their jobs. Virtual assistants may give high-quality services, streamline their workflows, and traverse the digital environment with these tools.

Today’s article will review a few helpful website features that remote virtual assistants can find. Among these are 12ft.io for unlocking material and ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com for distinctive AI-generated photos. Some other tools are tosdr.org for streamlining terms of service agreements and Fakespot for spotting fraudulent reviews on e-commerce platforms.

1. Access Gated Content Using 12ft.io

12ft.io, a service that eliminates paywalls from articles, is a crucial tool for virtual assistants. It addresses the annoyance of running into certain website content, especially while looking for information or themes for customers. Virtual assistants might not subscribe to sites like Harvard Business Review but might need access to articles on their client’s behalf. Virtual assistants can read the full article without paying for it by copying and pasting the article link into 12ft.io. This resource helps remote virtual assistants better serve their clients’ needs. They allow them to access one-time content without expensive subscriptions.

2. ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com for AI-Generated Images

This website creates AI-generated images of people who do not exist and is another excellent tool for virtual assistants. This tool becomes invaluable when trying to avoid using the same royalty-free photographs. Remote virtual assistants can incorporate distinctive people into website designs by using this website.

ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com offers a solution when customers want testimonials on their website but would like not to use real faces. Because the created images have a natural appearance, virtual assistants can avoid using typical stock photos in cliched ways. It will give website users a more engaging and authentic visual experience.

3. tosdr.org (Terms of Service Didn’t Read)

It provides a convenient service for grading and simplifying the frequently ignored service agreements available on many websites. It is a beneficial website for virtual assistants. The majority of us prefer to avoid reading this extensive legal paperwork. The tosdr.org app grades different parts of these agreements, ranging from A (the highest) to E (the poorest). This website explains the terms in plain language.

Virtual assistants and their clients may understand the ramifications of signing up for a particular service without going through complicated legalese. Remote virtual assistants can inform their clients about potential issues with specific websites, such as privacy concerns or content control, by using tosdr.org. With this information, clients are better equipped to choose the services that meet their needs.

4. Fakespot To Check The Product Grade

A fantastic virtual assistant tool, Fakespot, helps us to overcome the prevalence of bogus reviews and sellers on Amazon. When you install this Chrome extension, your browser automatically analyzes Amazon’s page SEO, user reviews, and other pertinent data. They give you the product’s grade. Fakespot is handy when doing internet shopping for customers.

Customers can rely on your knowledge to research and make the finest product recommendations. Accessing product grades through Fakespot makes it tremendously simple for remote virtual assistants to help my clients choose products. They can choose the safest, most genuine, and highest-quality options while avoiding defective or counterfeit products.


The above-mentioned tools are crucial for remote virtual assistants because they enable them to provide effective and efficient services. These solutions improve productivity, streamline chores, and give virtual assistants the ability to provide their clients with the best service possible. These features enable virtual assistants to move confidently and effectively digitally.

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This blog is inspired by the video ‘The 4 Best Websites You’re Not Using | Tools for Virtual Assistants’ by ‘Erin Booth.’