Virtual Assistants at Your Service: Knowing Their Type

Virtual Assistants at Your Service: Knowing Their Type

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The remote setup brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant changes in our work setup. The world was put to a stop, momentarily, in the physical aspect but continued to grow digitally. There was no way of communicating other than screens, cameras, and microphones. The so-called digital revolution paved the way for an incremental increase in virtual assistants’ popularity. 

Virtual assistants continuously create niches in every industry available throughout the world. If you search for virtual assistants online, you’ll have a broad range of choices of companies to avail yourself of services from. You’ll get all dizzy and dazed-looking up for what you need unless you know the type of virtual assistants available in the market. 

Before you jump-start purchasing virtual assistant services, you must prepare yourself for Google’s algorithm when you enter keywords it might misinterpret for you. Avoid the time-consuming process of looking up virtual assistants not suitable for your business through intensive research. However, if you cannot afford intensive research, we are glad to inform you that you came to the right place. 

Here are virtual assistant types to look out for in growing your business:

Admin Work Virtual Assistant for 24/7 Needs

A virtual assistant assigned to do admin work does office tasks. Looking at the situation from the perspective of a face-to-face working environment, this virtual assistant is your next-door office assistant. This virtual assistant provides services for your needs in appointment scheduling, meeting scheduling, bookings and arranging traveling arrangements, compiling and organizing documents, and other everyday tasks your office needs. This virtual assistant corresponds to and prioritizes tasks based on your preferences or needs. With an admin work virtual assistant who manages all your other extra responsibilities, you can focus on more critical tasks that require your expertise. This virtual assistant is also called Virtual Correspondence Management Assistant. You save a great deal of time with this virtual assistant. 

Social Media Management Niche Virtual Assistant

With social media platforms becoming more popular as an avenue for marketing your products and services and engaging with your customers, you definitely might need a little help from a virtual assistant. You do not need just any virtual assistant. It would be best to have a virtual assistant whose expertise lies in handling your social media accounts. This virtual assistant will do all necessary tasks to boost your social media account’s presence. Duties include:

  • Creating content plans.
  • Answering messages.
  • Keeping engagements at a high rate.
  • Ensuring your page gets its most expansive reach.

In doing all these, the social media management virtual assistant ensures there are key performance indicators (KPI) to compare previous to the current performance of your social media accounts. With this virtual assistant, you do not have to worry about draining all the creative juices out of your brain.

Data Entry Specialist Virtual Assistant

The digital world involves big data. Therefore, working in this industry means you have to collect and input data in one safe space where you may visit and revisit them. Most of the time, this work eats up all your time when you can be having meetings with your partner company. Doing data entry also needs accuracy, speed, and most of your energy. It can be tiresome and burdensome. But, data is a big part of your enterprise. Without data, especially in the internet world, you are doomed to be found in a dump. A data entry specialist virtual assistant will let you breathe in some fresh air for your company. They handle all your data entry needs with accuracy and speed. Save some time from the nitty-gritty process of inputting data with this virtual assistant.

e-Commerce Virtual Assistant

If you are in the e-Commerce industry, you might need a virtual assistant, especially for your needs. They will fill in the gaps of inventory management, order management, returns and exchanges management, support for your sales-related business matters, and customer service support. We know the painstaking process of being involved with all of these at one time. To have an e-Commerce virtual assistant means to have a more organized e-Commerce life. Whether an e-commerce business is your full-time or part-time source of income, you will be getting tons of advantages with this virtual assistant.

Internet Market Research Virtual Assistant

Your business needs to be up-to-date with all the trends and situations of the world. A missed out information is an opportunity or a missed out blocking of a business ruiner. It’s your call to handle all the information the internet is ready to give you, or you may hire an internet market research virtual assistant. This virtual assistant will handle all your information needs from background research, competitor research, product research, and anything under the sun. Hiring one lets you save yourself from the misery of drowning with all the information and time it drains out of you. Funnel out the best information you need with this virtual assistant, and your business will surely flourish.

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Every business needs its books kept accurately, confidentially, and timely. Unless you are an accountant or a bookkeeper yourself, you do not need a bookkeeping virtual assistant. However, suppose you admit to not having the necessary knowledge and mastery in this aspect of keeping your business together. In that case, it’s high time for you to hire this virtual assistant. Lose the hassle of trying to learn bookkeeping by yourself and get an expert to do it for you. At least if you get an expert in bookkeeping, you will know how to handle all your financial needs in a quick and accurate response. 

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Your business might get stuck in a hole of advertising without goals. If you are not familiar with suitable marketing strategies for your business, getting marketing virtual assistant services is recommended. With your marketing virtual assistant, you will have all the right tools for your marketing needs. When it comes to online marketing, there is a lot to consider. These include optimizing your content, a good content plan, a matching copywriting strategy, and a proper and financially sound boosting process. Aiming to be profitable means you have to trust a virtual marketing assistant guaranteed to turn posts into cash.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant specializes in assisting real estate owners. It might sound funny, but it sums up what this virtual assistant has to do in their everyday work. Focus on other goals for your business’ growth with your real estate virtual assistant handling these: 

  • Listing real estate properties
  • Scraping property data
  • Marketing your real estate
  • Scheduling appointments, meetings, and overall calendar work
  • Documenting showcase properties and managing paperwork
  • Interacting with prospective customers, whether they may be buyers or renters, to provide optimum services

Travel Planning Virtual Assistant

Are you busy handling your office load that you cannot get into scheduling your business travel needs? Hire a travel planning virtual assistant to make all necessary travel arrangements for you. From getting a prospective and perfect airline ticket for you to booking your hotel to scheduling your itinerary, this virtual assistant will do them with pleasure for you. Essential expenses accounting will also be done by your travel planning virtual assistant as a plus for your package!

These virtual assistants sometimes overlap their line of work, depending on the line of expertise of the hired virtual assistant. Be careful in letting one virtual assistant do all jobs at once. There are tendencies where work is compromised, and this strategy does not achieve the best result. It is better to hire one virtual assistant per departmental needs. Your business will be steady and secure that bag with virtual assistants at your service.

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Anne Davis

Anne Davis, with a 19-year career at Vserve Ebusiness Solutions, currently leads as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Specializing in the eCommerce sector, she focuses on client relations, social media marketing, and email campaigns. Anne is dedicated to driving business growth in the digital space, utilizing her deep understanding of customer needs and market trends.


Anne Davis

Anne Davis, with a 19-year career at Vserve Ebusiness Solutions, currently leads as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Specializing in the eCommerce sector, she focuses on client relations, social media marketing, and email campaigns. Anne is dedicated to driving business growth in the digital space, utilizing her deep understanding of customer needs and market trends.

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