5 Signs that it is Time to Hire a Virtual Internet Research Assistant

5 Signs that it is Time to Hire a Virtual Internet Research Assistant

5 Signs that it is Time to Hire a Virtual Internet Research Assistant

Is it time to hire a virtual internet research assistant? Organizations ignore signs that indicate that they can do better with a virtual assistant than a full-time employee. Here are five clear signs that say you need a fully-equipped and skilled virtual assistant for internet research and management of all your online tasks.

1. You lack the skills needed for an extensive internet research

Conducting internet research is serious business. Here is a list of some tasks that internet remote research assistants provide:

  • Conducting product and market research
  • Lead generation
  • Database research
  • Gathering and collaborating primary and secondary information
  • Compiling qualitative and quantitative information
  • Conducting comparative research and more

Learning new skills is fantastic. But as a small business owner or the owner of a startup, you are too busy to know how to do all the tasks related to online research. An internet research virtual assistant is trained to do all this and more.

2. You need to save money. Virtual internet research assistants are cost-effective

If you don’t possess the skills to conduct your research, you could hire a research assistant. But what if you want to save money? A full-time employee costs money – salary, paid vacation time, benefits, and office supplies all add. Plus, there is the cost associated with training a full-time employee. If you don’t require a full-time research assistant every day of the year, you will still need to pay your full-time employee – even if they sit idle for weeks or months together.

When you hire an internet research virtual assistant through a virtual research assistant service, you get a highly qualified, fully-trained individual who can conduct the research you need. Payment will depend on the services and the skills required to complete the job. You pay only for the services rendered.

3. You want to grow your business. A virtual internet research assistant can free up your time

Are you planning on growing your business? Growing a business is based on accurate facts, research on competitors, customer feedback, and more. You will require professional data mining, detailed reports, and management of all the data you collect.

An internet research remote assistant can conduct all the relevant online research and compile and manage all the data. That will free up your time for strategic thinking to grow your business. Plus, you will have all the data required to base your business’s growth at hand in a format that is easy to understand and use.

4. You want to offer better customer service but don’t know what your customers need

Offering better customer service can boost your business. But unless you know what your customers want, you cannot offer them anything better than you already are. Keeping track of what your customers are saying about your business is a constant effort.

An internet research remote assistant will keep tabs on what your customers are saying about you on social media platforms and websites. All comments, praises, complaints are collected and compiled together.

To provide better customer service, you should also understand the current market – your customers’ preferences and buying behavior. An internet research remote assistant can keep a constant eye on market trends. They can interact with your clients, understand their requirements, and gather new insights and information you are probably unaware of, so you can truly cater to your customers’ needs.

5. You don’t have a personal assistant to help

Do you need help with booking flights, updating databases online, booking business hotels online, or any other tasks related to the internet? An internet research remote assistant can help you do all that and more. They can execute any task assigned by you from a remote location.

A personal assistant will need a computer, internet connectivity, office space, and other resources and infrastructure. You won’t have to worry about any of that when you hire a virtual assistant for internet research.


More and more business owners today understand the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for internet research. These assistants are especially in demand by online businesses and entrepreneurs who can’t afford to spend money on staff and office space. They are also becoming popular with small and mid-size companies for virtual support for specific tasks. A virtual internet research assistant can do everything a full-time employee can do for you – quicker, more efficiently, and for less – while you concentrate on developing your business.

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Do you need the services of a internet research? Then, get in touch with us, and we can discuss your present business setup and what services you can transfer to a virtual research assistant