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Save time and grow your business exponentially by outsourcing these ten tasks to a virtual assistant!

Save time and grow your business exponentially by outsourcing these ten tasks to a virtual assistant

Beyond any doubt, virtual assistants have innovated how business tasks and activities are performed. A virtual assistant is an individual who works remotely and performs the professional duties assigned to him.

Who is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant provides administrative tasks and services by operating outside the client’s office. Most virtual assistants work from their home office. Furthermore, there is no shortage of tasks that a professional virtual assistant can perform. It must be noted that no technology can replace a virtual assistant.

Why should business owners hire a virtual assistant?

Business owners from across the world are hiring the services of a virtual assistant. Regardless of the nature of the business, and its size, the benefits of an online virtual assistant are many. The professionals are capable of performing many-a-tasks. They are also capable of multitasking. Before we get to know, what are the top 10 tasks a virtual assistant can perform, let us understand the reasons why they are used are many. Here’s a listing of a few of them.

Virtual assistants can help save time

When a virtual assistant services provider hires an individual, the virtual assistant will help save valuable time. The VA service provider will provide business owners with virtual assistants trained for the job. Thus, the business owner does not have to prepare the VA. Additionally, once the business owner signs up for services, the virtual assistant gets started from the word ‘go’. Time is saved.

Virtual assistants give the business owner the freedom to perform other official tasks

When the responsibility to perform a few professional activities is passed on to the virtual assistant, the business owner is left with enough time to take care of the other activities of the business. Thus, by taking advantage of services offered by a virtual assistant, the business owner can operate and manage the business smoothly.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a cost-savings alternative

By hiring the services of a virtual assistant, the business owner can save money, especially when hired from a virtual assistant services provider. Money need not be invested in training the virtual assistant. And a majority of VAs are online virtual assistants who work outside the office. Thus, the business owner’s savings on overhead and daily operational costs incurred by the VAs can be counted as savings.

Virtual Assistants can lend a helping hand when expanding the business

Virtual assistants are helpful to business owners at all times. They lend a helping hand, especially when business owners plan to expand the company to the next level. At such times, the virtual assistants will perform the professional tasks assigned to them, allowing the business owner to oversee the business expansion activities.

Apart from the ones that we have mentioned, VAs can help business owners. A majority of virtual assistants are highly skilled professionals and trained in more than one domain. Thus, they are capable of multitasking. Read on to know how you, as a business owner, can save time and grow your business exponentially by outsourcing these ten tasks to a virtual assistant.

Top 10 tasks a virtual assistant can perform

While we present the top 10 tasks a virtual assistant can perform to help your business, we would like to inform you that when you sign up for virtual assistant services, do so with caution. In the last section of the blog, we will offer some tips on selecting the assistance of an online virtual assistant. Before that, here’s listing the top 10 tasks a virtual assistant can perform:-

Virtual customer service assistance

One of the most popular services offered by virtual assistants is customer service. A virtual customer service assistant is responsible for handling customer-related queries. The customer service virtual assistant can handle outbound or inbound communication from customers in the form of calls, emails or messages. A virtual customer service assistant represents the business owner.

Virtual research assistant

Research is an essential aspect of any business. At various stages, the need to conduct research for the company may arise. Having a virtual assistant perform this task will be of great help. A professional virtual research assistant will use the right set of keywords and, depending on the need, will research and source the required information.

Virtual administrative assistant

Regardless of its size and domain, a business will have administrative tasks, some of which are routine. A virtual administrative assistant can work round-the-clock and perform all the company’s administrative functions. From scheduling appointments to setting up an in-house meeting between various divisions in the office to lending a helping hand with preparing presentations and reports, a virtual assistant entrusted with administrative responsibilities of the business will perform them all.

Social media virtual assistant

Social media is one of the most potent ways to keep in touch with business customers and create awareness about the business. A social media virtual assistant can take care of the business’s social media presence. Virtual assistants are trained to help companies with managing their social media presence. A social media virtual assistant can create designs and post on various social media platforms, as per the need of the business. A section of business owners uses virtual assistant services for website designing and development.

E-commerce virtual assistant

An eCommerce virtual assistant can take care of the gambit of services related to this domain. For example, a virtual assistant can write product descriptions for the eCommerce business and work on marketing and promotional activities of the eCommerce business. An eCommerce virtual assistant is also known as a virtual marketing assistant, who oversees the various eCommerce activities.

Data entry virtual assistant

Data entry is a daunting task. It is time consuming, besides being an uphill task. When the data entry activity of the business is entrusted to a professional virtual assistant, the business owner can be assured of accuracy and timely completion of the task. Data entry activity of the company can be routine or non-routine.

Real estate virtual assistant

The real estate business is unpredictable. Having a real estate virtual assistant affiliated with the firm can result in a smooth and uninterrupted workflow at all times. The hired virtual assistant will take care of building real estate listings, working on scraping property data, compiling paperwork, and interacting with prospective buyers and renters on your behalf.

Recruitment virtual assistant

Depending on the need, a virtual recruitment assistant will identify and onboard the right talent for your business. Besides this, the virtual assistant will also take care of other HR tasks and activities that are routine in a company.

Travel planner virtual assistant

A section of business owners tend to travel extensively. Therefore, it becomes challenging for them to make reservations for their travel and accommodation. Having a virtual assistant take care of the activities will ensure that the business trip goes well.

Translator virtual assistant

A virtual assistant who can help in translation activities will be of great help for business owners. Virtual assistants for translation are beneficial when the business owner is aspiring to communicate with executives and representatives from other nations. A virtual translator assistant also helps in translating business communication.

Besides the top ten activities that we have listed, a professional virtual assistant can do more than just the recorded tasks when hired from one of the reputed firms. As a business owner, you can consider hiring virtual assistant services from V grow Solution.

About virtual assistant services from Vgrow Solution

If you are looking for virtual assistant experts to assist you in the activities of your business, you can get in touch with a representative from Vgrow Solution.

Why opt for Vgrow Solution for virtual assistant services?

The team of experts at Vgrow has experience of more than twelve years in the industry. The team of professionals can do it all from data entry, event planning, call answering, scheduling appointments, correspondence management, and more.

Like you, even Vgrow Solution cares about your business. The virtual assistant services will pledge to accelerate processes within your enterprise that take your operations quite a few notches higher.

The team of highly skilled professionals and experts are experienced in many domains and can seamlessly handle your business clients.

When you sign up for services with Vgrow Solution, you can be assured that the targeted solutions are delivered as promised. In addition, as a business owner, it will enable you to manage your virtual assistant task list effectively.

How to select the right virtual assistant service provider for your business?

As a business owner, you can hire a freelance virtual assistant, sign up for services with one of the virtual assistant services providers, or take the help of a professional VA and pay based on the services. Whichever method you adhere to, make sure that you make the right choice as a business owner. You must necessarily do a background check of the individual or the agency you will take help from. 

Additionally, you must also check on the credentials like years of experience the individual or agency has the business clients serviced in the past and present, among other factors like ratings, reviews and testimonials. This will give you a clear idea of how good the freelance virtual assistant or the online virtual assistant service provider is. If you are signing an agreement, as a business owner, make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract. Also, as a business owner, you can attempt to obtain feedback from friends or your business contacts before committing to virtual assistant services. 

Lastly, suppose you are not confident about making the right choice of a VA. In that case, you could request a trial before formally agreeing to take advantage of services with a specific individual or an agency.



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