10 Tasks You Should Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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How productive are you VERSUS How productive would you like to be?

Or how productive would you be if you had professionals working for you seamlessly and you never have to rent an office space?

Why are Businesses and Individuals Employing Virtual Assistant Services?

The digital world is constantly evolving with incredible and smart innovative solutions for informed entrepreneurs and professionals in every walk of life. The question is not “if you could get help”, rather; it is “how much of help you want.”

Cut the long story short – your business could grow exponentially if you outsource any or all of the tasks below to Virtual Assistant Services.

Here is why:

  1. Time-Saving: You reduce the number of hours you spend on routine works and less productive tasks.
  2. Save Costs: You don’t pay rents on office space and you cut costs on hiring physical employees.
  3. Multi-tasking and Increased Productivity: You can have a lot of tasks done all at once.

Statistics reveal that there has been a 115% increase in virtual assistants among non-self-employed professionals.

Further to this, it is estimated that hiring virtual assistant services can save a business up to 78% of operating costs in a year.

The logic is for you to think liberally about the structure and delegation of tasks.

Virtual Assistant Services

To make it easy, here is a comprehensive list of in-demand tasks in 2019 that you should outsource to the best virtual assistant service online or around you:

1.    Social Media Management

Think of how many times you planned to upload posts regularly and according to a timetable and how many times your plan probably failed. It’s no magic; many social media brands have dedicated personnel that manages their social media handles.

Hiring a social media VA reduces the pressure of uploading regular posts on all your handles. Easy-peasy right?

2.    Content Writing

The fact is, writing can be a lot difficult if you have other tasks to engage in. It is easier to boost your search engine rankings with well-thought-out posts that are search engine optimized.

With content writing virtual assistants for small businesses, you can easily convert leads from your website if you have rich content.

3.    Finance Management

Record-keeping, balance sheets, accounting figures and reports, budget planning, and so on, can be very boring and herculean tasks if you are not an accountant.

One easy way to handle this data is to farm out the preparation of reports and less sensitive data to an accounting VA for improved accounting records and plan your finances/investments.

4.    Database Entries & Slide Presentations

One of the easiest ways to maximize VA services is to assign recurring tasks that demand a lot of focus such as data entries. Whether on your excel sheet or on other databases, you certainly can use some professional help.

Virtual assistants can also help you to prepare PowerPoint presentations and you can save a lot more time preparing for your presentations.

5.    Administrative Work

Basically, you can hire VAs as your personal work assistant or secretary.

How is this possible? Simple; with the aid of internet calls and apps like Google Calendar, and many more, virtual assistants can help you:

  • plan your trips
  • schedule meetings and appointments
  • book flight, car, and train tickets
  • understand your business itinerary (diary management)
  • call clients
  • prepare briefings or reports

You can maintain contact with your VA while he or she does these and more at the snap of your fingers.

6.    Email Marketing

Explain your marketing ideas to a professional VA and let him or her do all the creative work in the emails to be sent to your subscription list. The job description includes the heavy-duty work of sifting through your pile of emails and responding in a business capacity.

This works super simple for small businesses seeking to constantly expand their client base.

7.    Video Creation

Video creation is a hot prospect in digital marketing.

According to a 2019 survey, 87% of businesses now use video as part of their market campaign strategy while 83% of marketers have stated that video gives them a good ROI.

Thinking of hiring a professional video content creator to do a fine job, then kick off a chat with a professional virtual assistant online right now.

8.    Research

Don’t deny it; here is the juicy part, isn’t it?

We all need someone to sometimes do soft research and give a report or do the heavyweight academic-styled research. Either way, you can easily discover professional talents all across the world to solve your research needs within a deadline.

9.    Customer Service

Indeed, this VA service is one of the trailblazers in the industry.

The job can be hard when you have numerous clients who keep calling about identical problems and require a human customer care assistant to put them through. Of course, it is unreasonable to leave your executive goals to attend to a less important, yet very vital aspect of the business such as this.

What do you do? Hire a customer service VA to handle the complaints. With this option, you don’t have to rent an office space or install communication gadgets for employees. Your problem is not only solved but solved with style and innovation.

10.  Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

Undoubtedly, there are simple and amazing ways to build a small online business.

One of those ways is to outsource your website design projects and SEO tasks to a professional VA team. You can easily supervise on-going work and get results within a short period of time. Much better than having to assemble a physical team yourself and the attendant training costs. What’s more, you can employ the teams on a rolling basis rather than full-time.

How Can I Outsource Tasks to the Best Virtual Assistant Service?

If we guessed right, the above question would be next if you decided to outsource a task to a VA.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be simple if you know the right places you can get varieties.

To get started, you may have to consider reputable virtual assistant services that manage a pool of VAs or freelance platforms. The advantage of a VA organization would include:

  1. Continuity of work irrespective of the VA assigned to the task
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Fielding of credible and vetted VAs
  4. Delivery within deadlines i.e. professionalism
  5. Business structure and payment security
  6. Effective monitoring of VA and presentation of formal reports on hours of work

Like many other technologically enabled industries, you can hire virtual assistants online just like any other freelance market.

Which Virtual Assistant Should I Hire – Introducing the 24×7 Virtual Assistant and Virtual Assistant for Small Business?

Deciding on which VA to hire for your business can be sometimes exhausting if you are new and unsure what kind of virtual assistant service you need.

For instance, if you are an Amazon seller and people from different parts of the world buy your products. Don’t forget that your customers would also be in different time zones.

I the above scenario, it is best that you hire a 24×7 virtual assistant to manage your social media handles by taking orders, forwarding the same to your team, and replying to customers. This 24×7 VA should be a customer service or an Amazon sales marketing VA for the best results.

In addition, you may also need a content writer VA to regularly post on your website blog and a virtual assistant for small business to help you with your administrative functions.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Right Away?

Have you ever wished you could assign smaller or complementing tasks to a trusted Virtual Assistant Services so you could focus on more productive aspects of your work?

Make your work easy and grow your business by hiring Vgrow virtual assistant services for the best virtual assistants.

Vgrow is a leading virtual assistant services platform that connects you with the best professional VAs across the world. We offer VA services on Social Media Management, Customer Service, Amazon optimization, SEO, Website Design, Video Content Creation, and many more.

Believe it or not, it’s worth a trial.


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