How Video Creation Services Improves Your Brand Visibility?

9 ways video creation services can improve your brand visibility

9 ways video creation services can improve your brand visibility

Why is Video Creation Services Important for Brand Awareness?

The most common roadblock that B2B and B2C business owners and marketers face is to drive quality traffic and engagement to the key products. The solution to this problem is to improve the brand’s visibility and reputation. The best way you can achieve brand recognition and awareness is through video creation services. Video is the most popular medium of branding for businesses. It is more engaging and more popular among your customers than any other content type.

Businesses can use video marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and boost their sales. It is an integrated strategy that can be used to promote products/services or the brand as a whole. Videos can also be used to build engagement with your potential customers. With video marketing services, you can:

  •       Promote your products or services
  •       Share ‘how to’ videos with your customers
  •       Improve brand visibility and awareness
  •       Boost sales

Using professional video creation services to create better brand visibility is great, as videos can be effectively used at any stage of your sales funnel. It can help businesses personalize their brand and reach out to the target audience more effectively.

What is brand awareness, and why do businesses need it?

Brand awareness, as the term implies, means how aware your potential customers are of your brand and its values. Improving brand awareness through brand awareness marketing can create a positive impact on your business in many ways:

  •       Your brand will have wider visibility, and more people will know what your business does.
  •       Your business will have better conversion rates; hence, higher revenue.
  •       Customers will recommend your brand to their friends when they have trust in your brand and your product/services.

Before you create awareness marketing material for your business, make sure that everything you create represents your brand.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing strategy that brands use to market and promote their products or services, improve brand awareness, increase engagement with the target audience, and educate them through videos. Businesses can use various types of marketing videos to reach out to their potential customers. The various types of marketing videos are:

  •       Brand videos
  •       Product demo videos
  •       Expert interviews
  •       Event videos
  •       ‘How to’ videos
  •       Live videos
  •       Case studies
  •       Customer testimonials
  •       Personalized videos
  •       AR and VR videos

Here are nine ways how video marketing services can help brands improve awareness among the target audience:

1. Videos can improve the conversion rate

When you are looking to boost your conversion rate, video marketing services can provide impressive results. According to the stats by HubSpot Research, a video embedded in the landing page can increase the conversion rate by up to 80%. About 90% of consumers claim that videos help them in making the buying decision, and when customers watch the video, there are 74% chances that they will complete the buying process. These stats are enough to prove that videos are the most appealing source for the brand to improve its conversion.

2. Video marketing improves ROI

Businesses may have to hire professional video creation services to create high-quality videos. But, the increase in conversion rate due to videos helps businesses enjoy high ROI. When you invest in a good video creation services company, you can get quality services at very affordable prices, so you will have an even higher return on investment for your business. A video marketing services provider better understands what it needs to create a video that your consumers may require to understand your brand and the product/services you offer.

3. Video can help build trust among your potential customers

The most important target of any marketing strategy is developing brand awareness and building trust among your potential customers. Sharing compelling videos is a great awareness marketing strategy that provides your customers with useful information, helping you build trust and establish your business as an authority in the market. When your customers find your business videos interesting and informative, the chances that they will make a buying decision with your brand will increase up to 97%. These videos also help in building the trust of your target audience that the brand is authentic, and they can buy products/services from your brand. 

4. Videos let you share your story with your customers

You can connect with a whole new audience by sharing your story. When you share your story, it shows them what your brand is and what it is about. This will help you establish the personality behind your brand and leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Businesses can create more meaningful and concise content through videos. Moreover, your audience doesn’t have time to read a long piece of content, so share a short video that can quickly capture their attention, and they can consume it as and when they want.

5. Video marketing services improve Search Engine Optimization

As we all know, Google prefers video content while deciding the ranking in the result pages. According to a 2009 study, websites with videos embedded into them are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of search results on Google. As Google owns YouTube, publishing your awareness marketing videos to YouTube is an effective SEO strategy. When publishing the video, brands should make sure that the title and descriptions on the video are optimized and contain backlinks to your products/services page so the viewers interested in them can easily move to the buying process.

6. Videos add personality to the brand

Video creation services can boost brand awareness by over 50%. A great video can be worth a million words for your brand. It can help portray your brand’s personality to your target audience and establish an emotional connection with them. When your website or landing page has a video of your product/services or your team, the customers are more likely to connect and engage with your brand.

7. Mobile users prefer video over any other type of content

Video views on mobile phones have rapidly increased during the past few years. According to Statista, mobile phone video viewers have increased from 1.4 million in 2016 to over 2.33 million in 2021. Since the number of mobile phone users is increasing and people prefer to watch videos on the go, the video audience is growing exponentially. Also, mobile phone users are more likely to connect with your brand after watching your brand video on their smartphones than TV viewers or desktop users.

8. Your customers can share your brand videos on social media

If people find interesting or informational content, they will share it on their social media profiles, and videos are the most shared content type. And videos that several people find entertaining can go viral through social shares. People will only share videos that appeal to them or provide them with the right information. If you can create a video that can appeal to your audience’s emotions, it not only improves brand awareness but also increases sales. 76% of social media users say they are more likely to share a brand video on social media if they find it entertaining. Hence, businesses can ask professional video creation service providers to create entertaining videos to encourage the target audience to share them with their friends.

9. Videos provide a feel of authenticity

When videos are used as an effective brand awareness marketing strategy, it gives a feel of authenticity. This feeling will help your consumers better engage with your content and be more active. Videos give businesses an opportunity to reach out to the audience and share their feelings with them. With video marketing, you can extend your brand reach and improve communications with your target audience. It is a great way to inspire your audience to feel a more authentic connection with your brand as you are using storytelling to connect with them emotionally.


Video marketing is becoming more and more popular and affordable because of technological advancement and the increasing benefits of videos for businesses. Creating quality marketing videos requires creativity, technical skills, and knowledge about human psychology. Creating brand recognition and awareness can be a very tempting task for a business. Including videos in your marketing strategy will help improve brand awareness, trust, conversion rate, ROI, and search engine ranking. While businesses can create simple marketing videos with their smartphone and an easy-to-use video editing tool, it is always best to hire a professional video creation services provider company to create quality marketing videos for your brand.

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