FAQs | Vgrow Solution ® for small business | Virtual Assistants
What is the Experience of Vgrow in Outsourcing?

Vgrow is an organization that started to function in the year 2010. It is an organization that offers solutions to businesses in different types of industries. These solutions include media, IT, communication, and estate and enterprise solutions. Vgrow currently has a large number of clients from different parts of the world. The numbers of projects that they have started and have professionally completed are around 1200. Vgrow offers numerous services that will help your business to grow in this competitive corporate world. The services offered are Amazon marketing, content writing, virtual assistance, website design, search engine optimization, email marketing, paid search service, social media marketing, and video creation services.

What is the Vgrow Advantage?

There are many advantages that your business may achieve if you’ve opted for Vgrow as your business solution provider. The following advantages are mentioned below:

  • Handling basic tasks and high-end research assignments are our forte
  • Cater to your exact business needs and help your vision come true under a reasonable cost
  • We work with international clients and companies
  • Keep you fully updated and on track with the latest technologies
  • We are associated with teams that are very keen towards helping you out
Where Does your Team Operate From?

Our main headquarters is located in New York, USA. We have two other offices located in Chennai and Coimbatore if you’re unable to reach us out at the New York headquarters.

What Are the Security Measures and Facilities That Are in Place?

There are many security measures and facilities that we operate to ensure the safety of our clients.

  • Certified Information Management System ISO 27001: 2013
  • Strict privacy measures are taken and strict protection of data
  • Security within the LAN
  • Email websites and FTP have access restrictions
  • Stringent policies for IT security
  • 24/7 surveillance cameras operated by our security
  • VLAN’s are supported for all client accounts
  • World-class physical infrastructure
  • Guaranteed data protection with the help of secured networks and firewalls
  • A secured VPN-bases network connections
  • Employees and clients are provided with contractual safeguards that include NDAs
What Are the Typical Qualifications of your Virtual Assistance?

At we Vgrow, we believe in always providing our clients with high-quality services with the help of our highly trained and qualified team. All our virtual assistants have had more than 12 years of experience in answering calls, planning events, entering data, scheduling appointments, and much more. They use their specialization skills in all our departments, including commerce and engineering. Our virtual assistants are a group of multi-taskers that are highly trained to fulfill all your requirements at a fast pace.

How do you Ensure Employee Credibility?

At Vgrow, we are very keen on providing only professional services; unprofessionalism isn’t tolerated at all; hence, and we only recruit employees that meet the level of skills to need from a particular designation. To ensure their credibility, we make them sign an agreement with Vgrow India for providing reliable services. Our clients are extremely valuable to us, so we follow a secured system that restricts our client’s information to a limited number.

Does Vgrow Attract and Retain High-Quality People?

At Vgrow we maintain our high-quality service by our strict policies of hiring employees. We make sure that our employees deliver a good quality of work. We also provide our employees with professional freedom to keep them happy and motivated throughout the services they help us provide to our clients. Our employees are given different opportunities to help them grow and explore their abilities. With the help of our senior management, they can gain more knowledge and skill. At Vgrow, we believe in equality of employees; no employ at Vgrow is judged on their gender, race, or religion. They are all treated with respect and are given equal opportunities. On these bases, our employees continue to offer you the right business solutions that you will never regret.