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Hey everyone! I’m Varsha! Your Virtual Assistant from Vgrow Solutions. I’m here to manage all your data as well as event management activities to ensure you stay on top of your game. Wondering how? Then here’s an example of how we helped our clients by providing event planning assistance services.

Our client was an enterprise software company located in California,US and were looking for an event coordinator to manage their on-site and off-site events.

They needed a reliable partner who can work seamlessly with them to prevent the hassle of outsourcing every single event to multiple vendors.

When we took up this project, a few challenges that we faced were

  • Managing multiple events simultaneously.
  • Scheduling urgent meetings and launch events in short notice.
  • And Handling sudden changes in plans such as change in venue and vendor availability due to unavoidable reasons.

But, we managed every single aspect of the client’s internal and external events. Also, we paid attention to timeline and budget specifications set by the client.

  • We coordinated with the client regularly to understand and sketch out details for every event.
  • We Structured a checklist of tasks and timelines -This helped us handle multiple tasks simultaneously while conveying to the client clearly about the priorities and possible outcomes.
  • we sourced and secured venues, catering, and transportation service, negotiating with vendors to achieve the most favourable terms. And, were quick to adapt to any sudden changes in the plan with possible backup options and last-minute booking availabilities.
  • We created an extensive local vendor database categorized based on price and preferences. With access to this information in hand, we were able to work on urgent meetings and multiple events effortlessly and still make it a success in a short period.
  • We also created detailed event registration forms, tracked attendees, and checked in guests for the meeting.
  • We built a comprehensive event agenda, sourced guest ideas and scheduled speakers. We regularly updated the attendees on the event agenda and changes in schedule.
  • Lastly weTracked expenses, payments, invoices and due dates with the provided budget.

Therefore, with our services our client and their team were able to save the time on organizing and spend it on marketing and PR activities for the event.

They were able to get the best deals for vendors and suppliers at a reasonable price. Get to the best of technology for slick and professional event coordination. And finally manage risks related to the event efficiently.

So  If you would like to have such  hassle free services to manage your events, hire a Vgrow Virtual Assistant Now. Also ask for our one-week free consultation.


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