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Case study script- Data entry

Hey everyone! I’m Varsha! A Virtual Assistant from Vgrow Solutions. I make sure you keep a track of all your data without missing a detail. Wondering how? Then here’s an example of how we helped our client by providing Data Assistant services.


Our client was a technical recruitment agency in Illinois, serving SAAS and other financial service companies in the US. Their work involved sourcing, shortlisting candidates and matching them to potential employers.

Their requirement entailed –
  • Extracting and shortlisting candidate CV from the database based on the employer requirement.
  • Organizing and submitting the candidate profiles to the employer for further screening.
  • Re-uploading the shortlisted CVs in the database for further processing.

Looking at their profile, Sourcing and organizing the CVs was a challenge as there were diverse document formats submitted in the database. Even Improper categorization and submission of CVs made the screening process more time-consuming.

Therefore, we studied the entire recruitment process to perform the tasks quickly and with minimum error. We also cleansed the entire database and re-categorized the Cvs based on priorities set by the client.

  • Initiated the screening process manually to avoid possible mistakes and ensure accuracy.
  • Created a shortlisting scorecard based on the employer’s required and desired criteria.
  • Extracted and screened the candidate profiles from the application pool and mapped the profiles to the scorecard.
  • Selected the top matching candidate CVs and sent them to the employer for further screening.
  • Once approved, we re-uploaded the CVs in the database and initiated an automated intimation mail to the employees for interview scheduling.
  • We verified the CVs for possible errors and discrepancies and converted them to a unified PDF format before submitting them to the employer.


We sorted nearly 1500 open job applications per month with a data accuracy of above 98%. Our efficient data entry services – shortened and streamlined the recruitment process, removing pre-existing hassles because of improper categorization and submission.

With our cost-effective solutions and hourly payment module, the client was able to reduce their operational cost by up to 60%.

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