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Case study script- Call Answering Services

Hey everyone! I’m varsha, your virtual assistant from Vgrow Solution. I’m here to help you provide top notch customer services to your clients. Wondering how? Then here’s an example of how we helped one of our clients by providing Call Answering Services.
Our client was a solo attorney and counselor in business employment and litigation matters. She approached Vgrow with a need for assistance to manage all her business incoming calls. She needed a live person to answer her clients and prospects so that they feel they are taken care of.

Therefore, We ensured-
The calls were promptly answered when the client was in meetings with the current customers. We managed all the overflow phone calls for her business, to ensure the client is not left with unanswered or missed calls.

At the end of the day, we forwarded all important messages along with a recorded transcription to the client, which was better utilized for further communication.
We also patched important and urgent calls to her personal mobile phone for immediate attention.

Thereby, The client was now able to respond to customer requests effectively without having taken the valuable time off her work. Her private life was preserved as after-hours calls were carefully screened and dispatched to based on her priority.

The client was able to save cost up to 40% as there was no need to hire an additional receptionist. She had no more worries about capturing new customers, as new enquiries were taken care of during regular calls.
If you would like to have such hassle free services for your business, hire a vgrow virtual assistant now, also ask for our free trial.

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