Why Most of the Spa Owners Hired Virtual Assistants in 2019?

Virtual Assistants in 2019

The past decade has witnessed some significant advancement in the way businesses are being conducted.

The inclusion of virtual assistants for spa centers has been one of them!

Right from cutting down the noise to managing their own social media handles (thus sparing time for spa owners to attend customers personally), virtual assistants have proved to be a boon for the industry.

Let’s walk you through some popular reasons why the spa owners were keen on hiring virtual assistants in 2019. 

Reasons Why Virtual Assistants are Hired in 2019


Appointment Scheduling

In 2019, virtual assistants took over the routine non-value-added tasks from the in-house employees.

This allowed spa owners to divert their workforce to more valuable activities. In addition, VA for spa parlours also left the employees with the spare time that they could use in improving their skills, design strategies to lure customers, and contribute to business growth.

Some everyday administrative tasks that virtual assistants did were,


  • Routine data entry functions
  • Answer phone calls
  • Schedule meetings and appointments
  • Organize to-do list and calendar
  • Book travel arrangements for business owners

So while the competitors were busy answering phone calls, virtual assistants allow spa owners to build long-lasting relationships with clients.


24/7 Availability

Unlike in-house employees, virtual assistants are located at remote locations (sometimes even in different countries) and could attend customers 24/7.

According to research by Canada Life Group, it stats that the productivity ranking of remote workers was 7.7/10, while for office workers; it was only 6.6/10.

As the majority of remote workers do not work full time, they are less tired and can leave the in-house workforce far behind in efficiently managing the day to day tasks.

Virtual assistants for spa business functions have proved to be an excellent aid for the customers as their queries get resolved in real-time.


VA for Spa Management Targets Wider Market

Virtual assistants could be technically and intellectually versed about the tasks that need to be accomplished.

VA for spa management will take care of the social media accounts and ensure that a great bond was created between the business and their prospective clientele.

They assisted business owners in,


  • Content creation for social media accounts
  • Schedule posts
  • Regular interaction with the followers
  • Analyze statistics and reports

Virtual assistants helped spa owners develop an excellent repo with the audience by regularly interacting with them on social media, thus ensuring a wider reach.


No More Missed Opportunities

With virtual assistants on the job, every client call will receive answers automatically.

Business owners no longer had to worry about missed phone calls and dull response from their tired workforce at the end of the day.

One could easily input a greeting message that can be used by the virtual assistants to greet callers every time.

VA for spa management proved to be an excellent revenue booster for the spa business. Also, they help in finding new business opportunities.


Monetary Savings

There are only a few ways available for the spa owners to boost productivity and save money at the same time.

However, the entry of virtual assistants in the industry opened a plethora of opportunities for spa owners.

Virtual assistants could handle numerous tasks from remote locations and save spa owners from paying high salaries to in-house staff.

Hiring a VA for spa business was like hiring an expert in the field. One could save time & money in training a new employee and achieve productivity gains simultaneously.


Managing Finances

Though many spa business owners hiring virtual assistants with the expectation of managing taxes, actual accounting still needs to manage by an in-house employee.

However, virtual assistants helped spa owners maintain budgets, made purchases for their business, kept track of the expenses, and ensured transparency in their finances.

While they did not compute the entire tax liability, VA helped spa owners avoid the last-minute hustle during tax season!

All being said, you must be eager to know where to find the right virtual assistant for your spa business.


Looking to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Spa Business?

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