The Desperate Need of Virtual Assistants for Modern Real Estate Business

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The Desperate Need Of Virtual Assistants For Modern Real Estate Business

Real Estate Industry is no doubt one of the most brutal sectors of business. Only the toughest of the tough survive in this jungle. It costs effort, time, and money.

From following up on leads, meeting clients, marketing, to closings, it requires a broad set of skills that are very diverse to be successful in this field. Therefore, as a realtor, you need to make sure you spend your time wisely.

In an industry where you are always on the move, it’s not easy to manage your time when there are multiple things to be taken care of. Hiring a virtual assistant for real estate businesses will ease up all those repetitive tasks you perform daily. It gives you more time and space to make sure you invest yourself in more productive roles!

Now the next question in your mind would be, do I really need a virtual assistant for real estate businesses? What’s the point? 

Just think about it. Every day you spend hours together setting up meetings, making calls, doing paperwork, or updating your client list. What if someone else could handle all this for you? Imagine what all you could do with that time when you are free from those repetitive tasks.

Yup, virtual assistants aren’t exactly superheroes, but they definitely make sure your business gets the necessary edge to take it to its full potential! Here are a few reasons why real estate virtual assistants are a need for modern businesses.

Time is money!

We all can’t change the fact that we have 24 hrs a day. But what we can do is to make sure that 24 hours is utilized in the most efficient way possible. So what’s the point when you are piled up with paperwork and administrative tasks for most of the day and then have very little time to complete the important work? That’s when you hire a real estate virtual assistant. They can do your paperwork, files, emails, and follow-ups, which will give you ample time to work on things that are way on a higher priority.

Cut Costs, save more!

According to a few studies, hiring real estate virtual assistants can reduce labour costs by a whopping 40%! Wondering how? That’s because you’ll be saving money by avoiding paying payroll taxes, social security taxes, unemployment taxes, and regulatory fees involved with hiring in-house administrative assistants. Also, you don’t have to set up an office and have someone manage them or spend money training them. They work remotely and are already customized according to your needs. They are good to go as soon as you hire em! Pretty awesome, right!?

Double your income!

When you hire a real estate virtual assistant from overseas, for example, India, take advantage of the time zone difference! Have them work on some tasks such as scheduling and paperwork while you sleep, basically turning your business into a 24/7 operation! According to a research by Harvard Business Review, you can double or even triple your income when you delegate tasks that do not require you to do it yourself. This will free up your time so that you can utilize it where it is more necessary, leading to more productivity bringing in more income!

Stay up to date with the latest trends!

The real estate business is continuously changing according to trends. We have various ways and platforms from which you can attract customers, such as online website listings, social media platforms, etc. You would need someone to manage your social media accounts, create e-newsletters, update your listings to the database, and keep your website ads up to date to stay in touch with your clients. What if you don’t have the skills to manage all these? Not to worry! Real estate virtual assistants are your solution. They are fully equipped with all the specialized skills to ensure you are ahead of all the current trends!

Quality above quantity!

Real estate professionals are strong relationship builders. It takes time to earn trust and build connections with sellers and buyers. So, to maintain these relationships, certain specialized skills are needed. For example, presentations for an important client, relevant content for real estate websites, well organized detailed spreadsheets for financial projections, and updating the CRM program to make sure your leads can convert into loyal customers. Real estate virtual assistants are highly trained and certified with various skills in their domains. You don’t need multiple people to handle all that. Real estate virtual assistants are basically a one-man army!

New ideas, fresh perspectives!

Real estate virtual assistants are basically an extension of your work team. They always are on a lookout for real estate marketing trends, organizing and researching listings to make sure that your real estate website gets on the top! Therefore, they bring new ideas and perspectives to your daily work, which will widen your business reach. People wanna know that you really care about them. When you impress your sellers by making marketing efforts for their property, they are more likely to refer you to others, which will in turn, bring in more business! All this by just hiring real estate virtual assistants! Fascinating right!?

By now, you must be convinced that hiring a virtual assistant for real estate businesses is a pretty smart move! But you know what, I’ll let you in on a little secret, real estate virtual assistants are the best-kept secret top agents use time and time again to get to 7 and 8-figure status. That’s because virtual assistants help you free your time so you can focus on the high-impact work that brings in revenue for your real estate business. They also help you balance your work and personal life so that you don’t miss out on either. In simple words, what we are trying to say is,  hire a real estate virtual assistant to ensure you focus on what you do best and delegate the rest!

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