How to Hire Your First-Ever Virtual Assistant Who Understands Spa Business?

Virtual Assistant for Spa Business

People go to spa in the expectation of physical and mental relaxation and great customer service. If their expectations are not met, they have many options to switch to. Running a successful spa business by maintaining service quality, is not a cup of tea. If you are a busy spa owner, who is unable to better cater the customers due to multitasking and lots of admin tasks, a virtual assistant for spa business, can help. This article shares valuable information regarding how to hire your first-ever virtual assistant who understands spa business.


Why Virtual Assistant for Spa?

Spa businesses that provide spa services are customers’ top preference when they want to relax, pamper and detox themselves. Spa business has become an easy escape for people who wish to more in tine with their bodies. Being a spa business owner, it is mandatory to make sure that your spa is free from noise and all kinds of distraction. Or else, a soothing and calming atmosphere will not be possible, or worse, it would drive your customers away.


It has also been observed that a continuously ringing landline does annoy most of the customers. In addition, there are various other mundane tasks that might be left unattended when the spa owner and staff are very busy in service. This is one of the key reasons why virtual assistants have become mandatory for spas. VAs hired for spa management can be delegated with all-around tasks to manage the spa business easily. Aside from attending the calls, responding to inquiries and reserving appointments, the tasks may include updating the contact and mailing lists, recording customer feedback, and improving the spa business’s brand image by giving information to customers on calls and/or on social media pages.


How Virtual Assistant for Spa Owners Can help grow business?     

The key tasks of the VA assistant for spa business are:


–>Customer Service

A VA for spa business is well-trained to answer all emails coming to your spa business mail account as well as the calls coming to the business landline.


–>Admin Tasks

A professional VA for spa business, being aware of a usual practices and SOPs of and spa, efficiently handle daily-basis admin tasks like cleaning schedule, inventory control, ordering, purchase, staff attendance, and a lot of other things on your to-do list.



Most of the Vas hired by spas also play their part to raise brand awareness through social media. These Vas post social media content on almost daily basis on the behalf of their spa owners. Sometimes, they are provided with special training to do so.


–>Reporting Tasks

VAs for spa owners are of great value since we can also assign the task of reporting daily sales and conducting sales analysis. They can also generate other helpful reports like competitors’ recent promotions, social media presence etc. that provide spa owners valuable insights to grow their business.


How to hire the first-ever Virtual Assistant for Spa Business?

If you have read the above section carefully (the tasks of VA for spa), you can have an idea what qualities should you look for to hire your first ever virtual assistant for spa management.

Following are the steps to follow to hire a VA for spa management:


–>Start Small

You should not outsource everything in the beginning right away. Start small by identifying a task or two that you wish to delegate to your spa VA. Some initial tasks include email management, outreach (i.e. identifying the blogs you can publish guest post on), research, writing, social media and website set up.


–>Make a work description

Virtual assistants for spa are well-familiar with their job and are great resources of innovative ideas; though, as a spa owner, you must have the preferences to how you want the tasks to be done. The best way to work efficiently with a spa virtual assistant is to have clear directions in this regard. Make a manual, outlining all the spa tasks you want your VA to do.


–>Determine the Time for Virtual Assistant to Work for your spa business

Starting out, you might need just a few hours a month. Once you start adding new activities, you might require several hours a week. You may a virtual assistant for spa as needed, but they usually prefer to know in advance the average time you may require on a periodic basis so they can set up their other clients’ schedule accordingly.


–>Use Your Personal Network to Find a reliable Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant needs a leap of faith that you’ll hire someone who can do the work in an honest and effective way. The best way to find a reliable, and competent spa virtual assistant is through referrals. You may ask your circle for the recommendation. Another option is the freelance sites where you can find many VAs along with their ratings and feedback from their last employers.


Concluding Words

Keep in mind that your spa business may become a failure if your spa’s admin tasks start affecting your spa services. Hiring a professional and reliable VA for your spa not only eases off your work load. In addition, it also helps grow your business by making service quality better.

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