6 Quick Questions to Ask Before Delegating Work to your Virtual Assistants

6 Quick Questions To Ask Before Delegating The Work To Your Virtual Assistants Vgr

As a business owner, you may wish to expand your business consistently. However, with business growth, your workload will also increase. You may not get adequate time and resources to work on your core business activities. As a result, it becomes necessary to get more hands to manage these tasks. This is where you can opt for virtual assistant services. 

Hiring a virtual assistant can be challenging. It is not easy to gauge the skills and expertise of a person through a few video interviews. When looking to hire a virtual assistant, one needs a professional who can diligently perform all the tasks. Hence, it is important to ask the right questions to ensure that the virtual assistant can fulfill the job requirements. 

Here are six quick questions that you must ask before hiring virtual assistant services:

What is your expertise?

The first thing to ask a virtual assistant before delegating your work is the primary services they have expertise in. For example, suppose one wants a virtual assistant to manage the social media accounts of the business. In that case, one should look for a virtual assistant with expertise in social media management and skills such as copywriting and graphics designing. In addition, if your business demands hiring a virtual assistant services company to manage your Amazon store, the VA should know about Amazon listing optimization, product sourcing, and keyword research on the store.

Understanding your potential VA’s expertise will help you determine if the person is qualified and has the right skill set that matches the job description.

How to communicate with your virtual assistant?

One needs to know the best way to communicate with their Virtual Assistant or virtual assistant services company. Ask them about their preferred channel of communication while working together. Establishing the right channel of communication, in the beginning, will help businesses build better relationships and clarity. It is important to set up a clear written communication that can be referred to during the work.

What is their preferred schedule of work?

This question becomes pertinent if the potential virtual assistant is from a different time zone. 

If your business operates in the US and has hired virtual assistants in India, the estimated time difference would be 10-12 hours. Ask them if they are willing to work in a schedule suitable to your business hours. Clarifying the schedule beforehand will help you in preventing potential issues in the workflow.

How many hours a week can your VA work?

When a business owner decides to hire a virtual assistant, they know how much work to offload to the VA every week. The same is most probably already mentioned in the job listing. If your business needs a VA for 20 hours per week, hiring a VA that can only provide 10-15 hours may not be sufficient. 

Ask if the virtual assistant for entrepreneurs can provide enough time to fulfill the needs of the business. If not, you need to look for someone who can work for the time required.

How many clients do the VA currently have?

Typically, virtual assistants have the freedom to work with multiple clients simultaneously. However, if you are looking for a VA that could work full-time for the business, then the answer to this question is important.

Even if the requirement is for a few hours every week, it is important to ensure that your VA has the time and space to accomplish this task.

What are their terms of business?

Ensure that the virtual assistant services company has general terms of business policy. The same would be mentioned on their website. You can establish your terms of working with the virtual assistants like a trial period, minimum timescale, payment process, and contract terms. 

When a business decides to hire a virtual assistant, it is important to ask these 6 questions before delegating your business tasks. With the help of these questions, you will be able to choose the VA with the right set of skills and experience to do justice to the assigned tasks.

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