10 Ways a Virtual Assistant can Help Boost your Business Coaching Career

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10 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Boost Your Business Coaching Career

Business coaching is booming today, and it’s hard for busy coaches to have a work-life balance, particularly in a fast-paced technological world. Hiring virtual assistant services enables coaches to manage their business seamlessly and stay ahead of the competition. 

A virtual assistant for business coaches helps to free up some hours and focus on important business decisions to scale their profits to the next level. 

How Helpful is a Virtual Assistant for Business Coaches?

Virtual assistant for business coaches helps to accomplish major goals & targets. With all the administrative tasks, strategy designing, event planning, writing gigs, presentation prepping, webinars administration, marketing, and pitching, it’s no surprise that a virtual assistant can save your business at different times. That’s why business coaches often hire virtual assistant services to get the time to focus on business growth.

According to research, hiring a virtual assistant is 3 times cheaper than acquiring full-time talent. You do not have to pay for a typical hourly wage that includes equipment, office space, breaks, and other expenses, i.e., healthcare or taxes. If you calculate overall expenses, you will go crazy for not hiring a virtual assistant priorly. 

So, how does a virtual assistant for small businesses help achieve both personal and business goals? Below are the 10 ways a virtual assistant can help boost your business coaching career and create a great life-work balance.

Let’s dig deeper into that. 

10 Ways Virtual Assistant Services Can Help Boost Your Business Coaching Career

Organize the recordings of coaching sessions

You will likely be using apps like Zoom for your online coaching sessions. Downloading the recordings, uploading to a visual platform, ensuring security protection, embedding them on the website, and sharing with the attendees is a list of typical activities in an online coaching business that a virtual assistant can skillfully perform. As a result, you will be able to spend more time coaching additional clients or creating content.

Manage your social media and Facebook groups 

When pursuing your business coaching career, you have multiple social media accounts and groups that you need to manage, update, and monitor. Along with that, your private Facebook groups for some high-end clients need special attention too, and that’s what a VA does, making the whole coaching experience hassle-free. 

The responsibility of your VA often includes adding new private clients to the group, removing those who have canceled their subscription, making announcements in the group, and keeping the members updated about the launch of a new program or product, etc. 

Keep track of your email list

While emails will always demand human response, hiring a virtual assistant for small businesses can help lighten the strain. A virtual assistant can speed up your email response rate, send introductory emails to new clients, clean up and sort, and data retrieval by clearing your trash and junk folders.

If you are building and maintaining a large contact list, it’s always important to manage and update your contact list and unsubscribe from the unwanted lists.

Remodel and structure your content

If you record a video, your virtual assistant can edit, label, translate it, and reuse it as audio, blog, newsletter, and social network postings.

When you delegate this work with a VA, you can save yourself the work you would otherwise spend writing, revising, and proofreading. The whole process of the delegation would take about  20-30 minutes.

Design landing pages for a product launch or special offer 

If you plan to launch a new coaching session, offer special pricing for your membership site, or host a live event, you will need a distinct landing page to grab the attention and generate sales.

A skilled virtual assistant coordinates with the designers and helps develop a landing page and link with your CRM or email marketing software to track sales.

Build automation processes

You can save between 20 – 30% of revenue each year by organizing and automating processes. As a busy business coach, you find less time setting up and organizing the processes in certain areas. A specialized virtual assistant for businesses in the tech industry can take charge of your automation processes and help you avoid saving time & money.

Automated processes can be from sacked email responses, customer onboarding, social media posting, and automated invoicing. A high tech skilled VA often uses tools like; Mailchimp






Lead generation

Lead generation needs a strategic approach that has to be constantly improved and checked on. Your prospects always look for instant & quick responses and seamless relationship management. 

Any business that responds in less than an hour is more likely to convert leads. Managing new leads is a time-consuming process, and your VA works strategically to convert those leads via organic and paid campaigns.

Update your website

Many competent virtual assistants are familiar with WordPress and will do tasks such as updating plugins, maintaining site security, and editing page content. They will be able to frequently construct extra web pages, source new plugins, and submit information for downloading in addition to writing blog entries.

Launch evergreen webinar funnels

Want to use an evergreen webinar as a sales pitch to get more people to sign up for your coaching business? Your virtual assistant will put this up for you by integrating it with your email marketing software to send pre and post-webinar communications, manage to track activities and statistics. So all you have to do now is concentrate on making an interesting presentation and video.

Establish you as an industry leader

A virtual marketing assistant takes care of your online and offline portfolio, including pitching any industry-related conferences, public speaking opportunities, & handling all your digital presence. As a result, a VA seeks out any opportunity to provide value to the target audience and provide personalized support to prospects.  


Finally, virtual assistant services attempt to quickly complete the assigned duties, igniting a passion for pursuing your business coaching career. The virtual assistants won’t require continual monitoring because they are proficient at what they do.

They can help make it easier to focus on key duties by handling anything from your phone calls to monitoring your social media profiles. It provides a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you are ready to expand and take your coaching business to the next level, now is the right time to speak to Vgrow virtual assistants. We help you get through the hiring process of a virtual assistant as per your business goals and requirements. 

So why not hire a virtual assistant today?


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